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“I Was A Teenage Atheist” - it sounds like the title of some obscure and totally weird 60s teen flick or even a warped Christian propaganda movie. In reality it was the dilemma I faced when I was a school boy back in the 1960s. With all the baloney pitched about religious freedom during the […]

Skywriter stunt shows sky’s the limit

BY ALEC SMART A skywriter message bearing the words Vote No appeared in the sky in several locations above Sydney on Sunday 17 September. Photos of the skywriting letters, declaring opposition to the national plebiscite on same-sex marriage reform, were immediately shared via social media before prevailing winds blew them away. While Vote No campaigners […]

Yes and No go head to head

BY ALEC SMART A rally to promote the Yes vote for the plebiscite on marriage equality is planned in Sydney for this Sunday, 10 September. The rally comes at a time when each side is stepping up their campaigns, with increasing acrimony between various factions, amidst accusations that the No vote is underpinned by homophobia […]