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Water Stories

For the first time ever, an international exhibition of images from 31-year-old US photographic artist Mustafah Abdulaziz will make it’s way to Australia. The Water Stories exhibition features 70 large scale images which encourage the audience to consider how we use water, how it is linked to every part of the prosperity of our lives […]

Isidro Blasco – Structures and Passages

Isidro Blasco is an artist who is fascinated with shapes and the architecture of buildings, bridges and highways. When I spoke to this New York City artist, he inspired me to look at the world around me with slightly different eyes. Our world “changes all the time” Blasco says and this is where he wants […]

Tom Blachford – Midnight Modern

Australian photographer Tom Blachford has captured a truely unique perspective of Palm Springs and their modern architecture. By only capturing images by the light of a full moon these images have a special, almost cinematic feeling. The crisp moonlight adds a new dimension to the famous mecca of desert modernism and shows a contrasting side […]

Australia Street, Portraits From The Inner West

How well do you know your neighbours? No, this isn’t a sinister opening to a true-life murder mystery – it’s the theme of Zahn Pithers’ latest exhibition. The two-year project, entitled Australia Street – Portraits of the Inner West, features a mixture of famous faces and culturally diverse community figures all living on Pithers' street in […]

Black Eye Gallery Presents: Extracts by McLean Stephenson

Black Eye Gallery Darlinghurst is proud to present Sydney photographer Mclean Stephenson’s latest solo exhibition, coinciding with the release of his photo book Extracts. The Gallery’s commitment to representing the photographic artform and all lens-based media is well established, and it is the perfect venue for showcasing this artist who is on the cutting edge of […]

A Photographic Eye to World of Refugees

   Refugees, fleeing the ravages of World War 2, wave aboard the ships which carried them to safety. A young Syrian girl sits in a classroom of empty desks, dreaming of a better future. These are just two photos from two separate photographic exhibitions featuring refugees around the world which will be opening in Sydney […]


Watching the red 'sold' dots breaking out on the walls of Alaska Projects like chicken pox, one could be left in little doubt that Samuel Hodge is fast becoming a very collectible artist. Within 30 minutes of its opening, the single print photographs were all but gone, as hipsters from all walks of life jostled […]


In the interests of full disclosure, I should say that I love old photographs – of anything really, but especially of strangers in fashions of the past. As I entered the Museum of Sydney’s newest exhibition An Edwardian Summer, therefore, I was ready to be pleased. Thankfully, there was plenty to be pleased about. An […]


“At present there are 43 conflicts taking place on our planet. Once, the battlefield was the place of devastation, now it is streets, alleyways, schools and places of worship.” South is a collective of award-winning photographers dedicated to documenting these conflicts, under threat of censorship, opposition and loss of life and limb. Rising above these […]