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Persian Film Festival 2019

The 8th Persian Film Festival comes to Sydney and its popularity is on the increase, evident from the addition of two venues which will reach a wider audience. “Our program has grown three times and due to its success Palace Cinemas have become our venue partner, having their backing has allowed us to expand ” enthused […]


The 4th Persian Film Festival comes to Sydney, screening a curated selection of 22 films which includes eight feature films, documentaries, short films and animations. The selected films are from Iran, Afghanistan, Australia, USA and a co-production from Georgia, France and the UK. Amin Palangi, Director of the festival, is proud of the programme and […]

Persian Film Festival 2014

Paddington's Palace Chauvel Cinema proudly presents the third Persian Film Festival. Filmmaker Amin Palangi is co-founder of the event alongside Sanaz Fotouhi. This independent cultural film festival is centred on a variety of Persian communities while retaining widespread social and political conscience in the belief that any society can explore these issues while being entertained […]

Future of Film is at the Festivals

Film festivals don’t just exhibit films. It’s not just about watching a film; it’s about the experience of cinema. When you think of traditional forms of cinema it becomes clear why films aren’t meant to be watched in a lounge room. There is the buzz of a packed theatre, a heightened sense of atmosphere as […]