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Lazarus rising once again

BY PAUL PAECH Good Friday back in 2015. Waverley Council’s Mayor Sally Betts was being interviewed live by 2UE’s Stuart Bocking, and she was trying to justify writing a character reference for a local resident called Luke Lazarus. Lazarus had been found guilty of the vicious rape of an 18-year-old virgin in the laneway behind […]

Bondi heritage stamped out

COMMENT BY PAUL PAECH Bondi Beach is again the focus of a battle against encroachment on another valuable local and public asset. When word leaked out last year that a businessman had, by hardly lifting a finger, made a cool $15million profit by flipping an option to purchase Bondi’s cute little Hall Street Post Office, […]

Eastgate goes free

By Paul Paech “Well aren’t you smart, then.” That was how Waverley's colourful Councillor Sally Betts responded recently when Mayor John Wakefield told her that he'd resolved a dispute from Betts' time as mayor that could have cost Waverley Council millions of dollars. City Hub understands that the legal dispute relates to the Eastgate Shopping […]

All Betts are off

BY PAUL PAECH We know from the odd public antics of Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd how emotionally destabilising losing high public office can be, but unfortunately that’s the democratic price they pay. (Under a dictatorship, of course, leadership change can have a rather more destabilising effect). People have more respect for leaders (especially women […]

Bondi Pavilion’s second wind

BY PAUL PAECH It was clear to everyone - except Waverley’s colourful Mayor Sally Betts - that the $38 million proposal to transform Bondi Pavilion into a sleek commercial operation was a dud. So when the NSW Government finally stopped its deeply unpopular compulsory amalgamation of councils, local electors had their chance to create the […]

Bondi heats up

BY PAUL PAECH From cab-fares to cabbages, there’s value in measuring. Trapping mercury in a thin glass tube and measuring what it did tells us all that on January 6, Sydney had its hottest day in almost 80 years, and the autumnal sunburnt leaves on the streets confirm the harsh reality of that measure. Politicians […]

Aussie Crawl to Bondi Beach

BY PAUL PAECH Now that the school holidays are over, driving around Sydney is back to its usual frustrating mess. Our State Government is ploughing billions of our money into private transport, and weirdly some cash into an on-call almost-free mini-bus service in the Shire, Manly and parts of Waverley/Woollahra (aka Woolverley). But what if […]

Bondi Bursting at the Seams

COMMENT BY PAUL PAECH Part 2 of a 2-part article Bondi Beach Post Office is facing closure. Australia Post is still insisting that “we are committed to the local community,” but with the local community saying NO, that’s looking increasingly difficult to believe, even though Australia Post promises to retain all its product services in […]

Bondi’s unreal estate

Part 1 of a two-part feature by PAUL PAECH   It happens all the time: you’re chatting with some promising new acquaintance when they toss out the got-ya question, and you know you’re being pegged out. You’re trapped: whatever you answer it means way more than you want it to mean. Erskineville, Bronte, Ultimo they […]