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Life Is Impossible

Writer and director, Paul Gilchrist, was inspired by the true story of Simone Weil, a radical, controversial French Jewish intellectual and activist who fled from France to New York during World War II. It is not a biopic as Gilchrist freely admits to taking liberties with the details. The title, however, reflects a true life […]

REVIEW: One Way Mirror

The new play by Paul Gilchrist, One Way Mirror, is a confounding wonder of theatre-making, and nearly bursting with ideas, questions and confrontations. As Gilchrist, who also directs, confesses in the program notes, he’s not sure that in the ten years of plays with company Subtlenuance (of which he is a co-founder) has ever answered any […]

Cristina in the Cupboard

Anyone who has had children can relate to what Cristina's parents are going through in Cristina in the Cupboard – their confusion as to why their daughter has retreated, as they try to get her to come out and face the world and interact with them. Cristina is in her early 20’s, she’s gone out and lived […]