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In a world where a reborn nationalism is very much to the forefront throughout the political landscape, the recent election of a TV comic in Ukraine probably came as no surprise. That Volodymyr Zelensky won by a landslide, with 73% of the vote, says a lot for the average voter’s disillusionment with modern-day politics and […]

Why your preferences matter

BY MERRILL WITT Proportional representation in the NSW Legislative Council or Upper House ensures that seats are allocated to minor parties, and optional preferential voting all but guarantees its motley makeup. But is the election of candidates from minor parties a true reflection of the democratic will of the voters given that a few MPs […]


Scaremongering has always been a part of the political process but has reached an even more insidious level in recent years with the manipulation of social media like Facebook, US style attack adverts and politicians fanning the flames of paranoia. Donald Trump has made a fine art of it with his blatant appeal to a […]

Legislative Council winners and losers

BY ALLISON HORE Finland has chosen a new prime minister, the Israeli prime minister has secured a re-election, Turkish municipal elections have made headlines around the world, a new date for Brexit has been set and a federal election date has been announced. All while voters in NSW awaited the final results of the Upper […]

FEDERAL ELECTION: Kingsford-Smith electorate profile

By ALLISON HORE Australia heads to the polls in May to decide who will represent us over the next four years. For those in NSW it'll be the second election in a matter of months. Will the status quo result of the NSW election be repeated? Or will there be the shake-up that many pundits […]


“An Entertaining Evening with Nigel Farrage – Politics Needs A Bit Of Spicing Up” – that’s the blurb advertising the forthcoming Australian ‘speakers’ tour of the UK’s Mr Brexit – the latest in a string of right wing celebrities here to cash in on the obviously lucrative talkfest circuit. If you are so inclined, you […]


The news that Donald Trump might visit Australia in November en route to the APEC summit in Papua New Guinea has some in Australia salivating and others ready to run riot in the streets. The most polarising president in US history is set to have a similar effect if he does land Air Force One […]

Back to the future?

Madonna or Kylie? "Dannii. Because I like imitations." Lady Gaga or Nicky Minaj? "Nikki Webster, because I’m an old-fashioned girl. And she needs the help." Like many drag queens, Pauline Pantsdown is good with a quip. But unlike most (and in common with the aforementioned ladies) Pantsdown is also a bona fide pop star. In […]

Minority parties rubbish Rudd’s PNG plan

Kevin Rudd’s Papua New Guinea plan for asylum seekers is receiving vocal opposition from minority parties. The plan stipulates that immigrants arriving by boat without a visa in Australia will be sent to PNG for processing and resettlement in return for aid. On the extreme right of the political spectrum, Chairman of the Australia First […]