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Review: Tender Napalm

The Times have described it as “heart stopping” and “wildly intoxicating”, whilst The Australian has said “make no mistake; this is engrossing live theatre". Brevity Theatre’s rendition of Tender Napalm does not miss the mark, and is an exhilarating exploration of love and tragedy. The setting, time and characters remain unspecified, and instead the play’s […]


Dead Centre/Sea Wall is a tricky work, made up of two monologues, each exploring themes of grief and possible madness. They are companion pieces, with Dead Centre hinting at events via the unreliable, perhaps manic, Helen (Rosie Lockhart) and Sea Wall supplying more concrete details through Alex (Ben Prendergast). Dead Centre, by Australian playwright Tom […]

A Girl With Sun In Her Eyes

A Girl with Sun in Her Eyes offers insight from the rare perspective of a woman who chases down violence, and the psychological repercussions of being faced with it every day. Lucy, an undercover cop, poses as a prostitute in an attempt to get a very terrible male off the streets. She feels responsible for all of womankind […]

Blonde Poison

Blonde Poison is about real life person Stella Goldschlag, a German Jew who in WW2 was tortured, incarcerated and hounded by the Gestapo. She was a strikingly blonde, blue-eyed Aryan looking woman, a survivor, who was offered the opportunity by the Gestapo to save herself and her parents from Auschwitz to work as a greifer, a […]

The God of Hell

Sam Shepard’s The God of Hell was written in 2004, and was very much a product of its time but, as actor and producer Jake Lyall points out, in Australia’s current political climate, it seems to be more topical than ever. “It [was] Sheperd’s take on the Bush administration coming into power and that pro-American […]

Review – Joan, Again

Set in a provincial French village 1441, simple illiterate peasant women converse about religion, witch burning, and married life while exploring their daily plight in an oppressive religious and superstitious society. Enter Joan of Arc, played by the perfectly cast elfin actress Sylvia Keays, back 10 years after her infamous burning at the stake. Is […]

Review – Thom Pain (Based on Nothing)

Julie Baz directs the energetic David Jeffrey in the one-man stream of consciousness monologue that is Thom Pain (based on nothing). Exploring existential ennui and the inner turmoil of the everyman, this tedious one-act play pays an unoriginal homage to Beckettian humour. Will Eno’s use of language is at times clever and richly vivid. It […]

Review – Brad Checked In

Brad Checked In explores love and failed relationships in the age of Facebook. Middle-aged protagonist Brad is recently estranged from wife Maggie and decides to get back in the dating game via the internet. The premise has potential to be relatable as there are lots of people in this exact situation. The internet is full […]

Review – Scenes From An Execution

After victory over the Ottoman Empire at the Battle of Lepanto (1571), the Venetians commission a  glorious, celebratory work but Galactia - a fictional artist and feminist before her time - is intent on showing the brutal reality. The formidable Glenda Jackson played the original Galactia, but Old Fitzroy’s very spirited Lucy Miller rises to […]

Review – Lies, Love and Hitler

University professor Dr. Paul Langley believes he may be going mad, attributing this to frequent visions of the late Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Elizabeth Avery Scott’s Lies, Love and Hitler has taken residence at The Old Fitzroy Theatre’s uniquely intimate venue. The space works well with the clever concept weaved by Scott. Lies, Love and Hitler was […]