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A View From The Bridge

Rose Byrne talks about stumbling into seeing A View From The Bridge as a nerdy sixteen-year old drama student and she was never quite the same again. It has that sort of effect on people. Widely regarded as Arthur Miller’s finest work, Redline Theatre brings the show to the Old Fitz after a three-year process […]

Doubt: A Parable

As an artist, it seems that Charmaine Bingwa can do anything and probably does. As a singer and guitarist she has supported international performers like Demi Lovato, Rachel Platten and Fifth Harmony. She writes, she produces, she acts for the small screen, big screen and stage. Currently, she is bringing her seemingly endless energy to […]

I Am My Own Wife

I Am My Own Wife is a one-man drama based on a true story about American playwright Doug Wright and his investigation into Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, who lived openly as a transvestite and survived the Nazi regime and the Cold War. The play uncovers what it took for her to survive. Sole actor Ben Gerrard […]

November Spawned a Monster and V.D.

The 2014 season at The Old Fitzroy is heating up in the lead-up to summer with fantastic one-man shows of love, humour and friendship. Actress Eliza St John commands the stage in the hilarious and honest production of V.D., a show that explores 35-year-old Sophie’s journey of love, enlightenment, self-discovery and a love of gin. “It’s […]

Four Dogs and a Bone

How far would you really go to get what you want? Four characters ponder this through the sharp, punchy and witty Four Dogs and a Bone. Premiering at Woolloomooloo’s Old Fitzroy Theatre, Four Dogs is the highly acclaimed comedy from Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer John Patrick Shanley. The play is a mockery of the movie-making business, following four […]

The God of Hell

Sam Shepard’s The God of Hell was written in 2004, and was very much a product of its time but, as actor and producer Jake Lyall points out, in Australia’s current political climate, it seems to be more topical than ever. “It [was] Sheperd’s take on the Bush administration coming into power and that pro-American […]

Review – Joan, Again

Set in a provincial French village 1441, simple illiterate peasant women converse about religion, witch burning, and married life while exploring their daily plight in an oppressive religious and superstitious society. Enter Joan of Arc, played by the perfectly cast elfin actress Sylvia Keays, back 10 years after her infamous burning at the stake. Is […]

A Moment on the Lips

Mad March Hare Theatre Company will stage Jonathan Gavin’s award-winning all-female production, A Moment On The Lips. The play, set during a dinner party, moves backward and forward in time, as seven powerful women confront their jealousies, rivalries and their respective ambitions. The Old Fitzroy Theatre, which staged the production ten years ago, will again […]


In the lead up to Tidy Town of the Year being judged, the remote town of Gandiddiyup seems to be ready for a big win. None more so then the staff of the local motel. However, when they discover a headless, limbless body, blood proves to be just the beginning of their clean-up. Tidy Town of […]


Director Alexander Butt and brilliant comic actor Nick Curnow deliver the hysterical one-man play Fully Committed. The production follows a day in the life of Sam Peliczowski, an out of work actor working in the reservations department of a pretentious fictional New York restaurant. Reminiscent of the parody of upper-class dining culture in American Psycho, the […]