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Curtain Raisers

BY RIDA BABAR Theatre companies such as Old 505, Belvoir Theatre, and the Sydney Theatre Company are finally reopening and planning live shows for the remainder of the 2020 season. Easing government restrictions in NSW have been a breath of fresh air for the arts and entertainment industries. Old 505 theatre is holding A Murder […]


The Old 505 champions indie theatre in an intimate space. For over a decade, it has been a hub for creatives developing new work and a fierce supporter of new voices in Sydney. The theatre which was relocated to Newtown in 2015, now resides in a converted art-deco ballroom. As an entirely artist run space, […]

Kill the PM

With the extremism currently loose in the world, Kill the PM is a provocative title, but director James Dalton says writer Fregmonto Stokes’s aim was to immediately provoke the audience to a pro or con view of extreme action – which the play then explores. The title is 12 months old and Dalton says it’s […]

Jennifer Forever

Two Peas Theatre Company presents a deeply dark look into the lives of two people whose needs are not satisfied by what civilisation can afford them. Jennifer Forever holds a mirror up to society and demands some answers. “It’s a story about a girl who is particularly extraordinary and a man who is seemingly really […]

Kinski & I

When German movie star Klaus Kinski sat down to write about his life as an actor, he instead wrote an explosive memoir of his sordid sexual exploits. Now it is finally coming to the stage in the edgy Sydney Fringe Festival production Kinski & I, written and performed by CJ Johnson. “I read it over […]


The essence of human experience is about connection with others and taking chances. Theatre company Perosophia explore the concept of trying to find a way thorough the maze of relationship miscommunication in the Australian premiere of the Jon Fosse production Winter. Director Jonathan Wald says the relatable production focuses on a man and woman who […]