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Do Something Else

You never know what you’re going to get with independent theatre. It can be inventive and stimulating or infuriatingly obscure. In the case of Do Something Else, now playing at The Old 505 Theatre, it is happily the former. The 75-minutes of short, overlapping scenes takes the audience on a narrative tour through emotional, psychological […]

505 – An Artistic Home On The Fringe

BY RITA BRATOVICH September is bulging with rare and exhilarating creativity as the Sydney Fringe Festival launches into its seventh year. The generously packed program covers every genre: family entertainment, comedy, dance, theatre, outdoor performance, visual art, music and so much more. CEO and Festival Director Kerri Glasscock describes the festival as being inclusive and […]

Review: Oh My God I’ve Been Kidnapped and I Hate What I’m Wearing

The ludicrous and lengthy title of this theatrical production conveys an accurate indication as to what audiences can expect – an absurdly outrageous and fun-packed show pervading in silliness. This musical theatre parody is set in 1965 and follows Sugar (Kate Smith), a fashion-conscious would-be-glamorous-showgirl, who shoots her two-timing boyfriend Buster (Drew Fairly) dead in front […]

The Best Brothers

As you get older you can get too concerned with your own life to take the time for those you should see... The Best Brothers is about an estranged family who haven’t kept close. When they do get together at Christmas there’s usually one-upmanship as the two brothers try to get approval from their mother […]

Queen Bette

"The Queen has no hour for love. Time presses, and events crowd upon her. And for a shell, an empty, glistening husk, she must give up all that a woman holds most dear." Around about a year after its debut run for the 2015 Mardi Gras season, this intimate one-woman show makes an unexpected but delightful return. […]

Space Cats: an Intergalactic Feline Musical

After slaying their one night debut in winter last year, Sydney’s most daring independent musical theatre company brings back the sassiest, glitteriest musical of all time. Brevity Theatre’s Space Cats: an Intergalactic Feline Musical makes a full-season return at Newtown’s Old 505 theatre just in time for Mardi Gras. We caught up with Samantha Young, […]

Dot Dot Dot

A carnival fortune teller, a well-to-do man, a woman of the night and a decidedly dusty man converge on The Old 505 Theatre stage for Dot Dot Dot. Written, designed and musically directed by Sydney theatre stalwart Drew Fairley, and directed by Gareth Brockman, the play explores themes of money and power against the backdrop […]

The Show Must Go On: Sydney Independent Theatre

BY JAMIE APPS As one of Sydney’s independent theatre companies celebrates a momentous milestone, some others are evolving their offers and even further as some unexpected new players enter the scene. Over it’s history, the Sydney theatre scene has undergone some very dynamic changes to the environment, in terms of the type of shows performed […]

Receivers & The Piano Thief

On watching the double bill of Receivers and The Piano Thief, weird is the first word that comes to mind, in a good way that is. Fans of science fiction will love this evening of small theatre and sympathize with the characters. Receivers explores the world of Hedrick, an idealistic farmer. How hard do you think […]


Two Peas are showcasing their second performance, Edmond, by American playwright David Mamet at the Old 505 Theatre. Edmond comes home from work one day and decides to visit a fortune teller. This impulse move stirs something within him to stop working at his dead-end job to search for something more meaningful to his life. The company […]