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Life Is Impossible

Writer and director, Paul Gilchrist, was inspired by the true story of Simone Weil, a radical, controversial French Jewish intellectual and activist who fled from France to New York during World War II. It is not a biopic as Gilchrist freely admits to taking liberties with the details. The title, however, reflects a true life […]


Old 505 Theatre The Old 505 Theatre is unarguably Sydney's home for emerging artists, companies and collectives. Established in 2004, Old 505 originally operated underground, providing a dedicated audience and performance space to new and emerging creatives. In 5 years, the Old 505 Theatre worked with over 350 local and internationally renowned artists and quickly […]

Blame Traffic

When a car mechanic presented writer Michael Andrew Collins with a rough estimate of $6000 to make his car roadworthy, it gave him the inspiration for a storyline that ultimately formed one of the threads in his new play, Blame Traffic. Based on this and other everyday driving related experiences, Collins has created a montage […]


A new dark comedy, Air is premiering at the Old 505 Theatre to haunt audiences with the reality of death, grief, holding on and letting go. The story follows radio host, Annabel, who works the graveyard shift at a radio station and after the death of her father, finds herself reading death notices on air […]

Little Borders

The world is a stage and theatres help us to understand our environment. Theatrical productions highlight unique points of view about daily issues we ignore. The Old 505 Theatre is thrilled to announce the opening of the world premiere of Little Borders. Written by Philip Kavanagh (2011 Patrick White Awarded). Little Borders is a political, […]

This Is Not Mills and Boon

Sex positive attitudes and fast-paced comedy come to The Old 505 Theatre with This Is Not Mills and Boon, which returns after its debut during the 2015 Freshworks Season. Inspired by real life erotica author, Nikki Sex, This Is Not Mills and Boon tracks a young girl named Abbey who falls in love with Sol, […]

REVIEW: The Sylph

The Sylph gives us an insight into the Romantic ballet era, a beautiful, aesthetic world, gracious and rich in nostalgia. This one woman show, starring Gertraud Ingeborg, is an autobiographical monologue, delivered effortlessly, very naturally and unforced, telling the story of ballet legend, lover and woman, Marie Taglioni, born in Sweden in 1804. Dressed in […]


It’s rare to find a play that takes a topic as challenging, provocative and potentially terrifying as terrorism and turns it into six interweaving stories that are alternatively heart breaking, hilarious, terrifying, completely compelling and thought provoking. “You wouldn’t expect BU21, with its provocative material, to be hilarious. Some theatre puts tragedy up on the […]


Theatre can be fun, confronting, and challenging – but maybe it’s at its best when it provokes conversations about the sort of society we are and want to be. Flood is about the implicit racial bias that pervades Australian culture and the damage it has done to Aboriginal Australia, not so much through conscious bigotry but […]


You’ve heard about one show with one point of view, but what about two? In Rats, written and directed by Chris Huntly-Turner from Fledgling Theatre Company, a complicated story is split into two plays. These stories take place during WWII, following a group of Australian men fighting in Tobruk, North Africa, and the women they left behind in […]