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Hire bikes back in hot water

BY ALEC SMART Rental bicycles, the ubiquitous brightly-coloured machines seen scattered across Sydney suburbia, and often found hanging from trees or rusting in canals, are back in hot water again. A coalition of six Sydney councils - Canada Bay, City of Sydney, Inner West, Randwick, Waverley, and Woollahra – have introduced strict new guidelines to […]

Authorities tyre of hire bikes

BY ALEC SMART Dockless rental bicycles risk being impounded in future if they obstruct pedestrians after several inner city councils called for better monitoring and retrieval. Facing a clampdown are Singapore’s silver & yellow OBikes and China’s all-red ReddyGo hire bicycles – costing $1.99 per half hour and unlocked by a smartphone app - that […]

Rangers round up rental bikes

BY ALEC SMART Obikes, the yellow and grey rental bicycles that suddenly appeared in the hundreds across the Sydney Metropolitan area on August 14 this year, have raised the ire of rangers acting for the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority. Last weekend, hundreds of the conspicuous bicycles were rounded up from the CBD and interned in […]