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Papaya Tree

Australian band Papaya Tree has released their new single Flowergirl, streaming now on most platforms. Papaya Tree is a band influenced by eclectic jazz and indie sounds and consists of six members; Lee McDermott, Jack Johnston, Zac Olsen, Alistair Hayes, Jordan Tulinsky, and Joe Plunkett. Lee, lead singer of Papaya Tree said, “Flowergirl is a […]

British Film Festival

British filmmakers produce some of the best cinema in the world, evident from this year’s alluring selection of 20 films screening at the British Film Festival. The festival opens with Military Wives, a film that centres on a lady (Kristin Scott Thomas) who forms a women’s choir in a military base while their husbands are […]

Make It Australian

By Mark Morellini The prestigious Sydney Film Festival (SFF), which is regarded as one of the most prominent and diverse in the world amongst filmmakers and festival attendees alike, celebrates its 66th presentation and audiences should be mesmerised by the alluring program showcasing 307 films from 55 countries. This year there has been a resurgence […]

Ready Player One

A nostalgic trip for the older generations with an overload of pop culture references. Ready Player One was a visual adventure crossing between the troublesome real world and the ever-changing virtual world. The first half showed real promise but diminished towards the end. An entertaining watch, but missing a little something that would have made […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney’s Live Music Guide Jan 4

Liam Gallagher: Forthcoming debut solo album As You Were confirms that he is as much of a legend now as he ever was, with lead single Wall of Glass already clocking up over 11 million streams on Spotify in just under two months. Lending his voice to a myriad of sing-along tracks as front man […]


Early this year, a black and white monochrome music video surfaced and did its rounds on the internet. The fuzzy aesthetics evoked the nostalgia of a time when Brit-pop was at its peak, and music critics compared the sound to Oasis. Channel V has called them “the next big thing” and the band have signed […]