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Sydney protest “selfish”, says commissioner

By ALLISON HORE NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has moved to block a Black Lives Matter protest amid concerns about the growing number of COVID-19 cases in the state. Mr. Fuller says the protest, scheduled to take place in Sydney on Tuesday July 28, would be “devastating to anyone's cause” if it were found to […]

NSW Police increase reward to $1 million for info on boy’s arson death

By ALEC SMART Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are warned that this article contains an image and the name of a deceased person. On the 22nd anniversary of 13-year-old Arthur Haines’ suspicious death, NSW Police increased the reward for information to catch his killer(s) to $1 million. On 9 April 1998, the young Aboriginal boy […]

Marsh mural censored

by ALEC SMART A controversial Scott Marsh wall mural in central Sydney has been covered over by City of Sydney Council authorities, following a NSW Police request, only 19 hours after it was painted. Marsh, an internationally-respected artist, is renowned for his detailed and humorous wall murals in central Sydney that typically satirise prominent politicians […]

Black Lives Matter rallies attract tens of thousands

By ALEC SMART Rallies in support of Black Lives Matter on 6 June attracted tens of thousands across Australia to commemorate George Floyd, a black man who was suffocated to death by a Minneapolis police officer in the USA. Most of the demonstrators followed health authority guidelines to wear masks to limit possible spread of […]

Criminal charge demanded for ‘bad day’ cop who hurt Aboriginal teenager

By ALEC SMART The family of an Aboriginal teenager who was slammed face-first to the ground by a NSW police officer warned they will pursue a private criminal prosecution if the officer is not charged. The constable, from Sydney’s Surry Hills Command, was filmed via a mobile phone around 5.30pm on 1 June violently reacting […]

Gay-hate murder suspect arrested

by ALEC SMART A 49-year-old man has been arrested for the 1988 gay-hate murder of Scott Johnson, whose naked body was found on a rock ledge at the base of a cliff near Manly on Sydney’s North Shore. On 10 Dec 1988, the 27-year-old American was discovered by a 13-year-old boy and two spear fishermen […]

Council demands former ‘ghost’ store close again

by ALEC SMART The proprietor of a convenience shop in Sydenham, known as the Corner Store, is puzzled why the Inner West Council (IWC) served him with a demand to cease trading. Prior to his reopening the premises in February 2020, it was a ‘ghost’ store for over three years, with stock inside but no […]

Woman arrested; child hysterical during ‘freedom’ protest

by ALEC SMART In dramatic scenes involving an hysterically crying young child, a woman protesting outside the NSW Parliament in central Sydney on 9 May was arrested by NSW Police officers and taken into custody. Video footage of the incident, taken via mobile phone and uploaded to YouTube, polarised public opinion as some labelled her […]

Working for the clampdown’s end

by ALEC SMART In what Prime Minister Scott Morrison described as “an early mark,” the start of May saw retailers across Australia reopening their stores as restrictions implemented during the last five weeks of the Covid-19 clampdown were relaxed. Traders are permitted to operate if they implement and maintain strict health and safety policies. These […]

Bondi’s celebrated ‘budgie-smuggler’ wearer arrested

by ALEC SMART Bondi Beach ‘character’ and local strongman, Dimitri Moskovich, took part in a wrestle he wasn’t expecting when two police officers, male and female, tackled him for allegedly violating Covid-19 restrictions. Moskovich, a 54-year-old Russian-born fitness fanatic, frequently seen at the beachside North Bondi Outdoor Gym that locals have dubbed ‘Dimi’s Office’, allegedly […]