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Randwick mayor tells NSW parliamentary inquiry of ‘deep concerns’ for bus changes

By DANIEL LO SURDO The mayor of Randwick has told an NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the privatisation of buses that residents hold "deep concerns" about the changes to public transport in the eastern suburbs. Dylan Parker, the mayor of Randwick Council, gave evidence at the parliamentary inquiry earlier in May, where he spoke about the […]

‘They can relieve that pain’: Voluntary assisted dying passes NSW parliament

By SWAGATALAKSHMI ROYCHOWDURY In a historic turn of events, New South Wales became the final Australian state to introduce assisted dying laws earlier this month. The Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill, which was introduced to parliament last year by Independent Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich, includes legislation to "provide for and regulate access to voluntary assisted […]

Crowds gather at Town Hall for May Day march

By DANIEL LO SURDO Large crowds gathered at Town Hall on Sunday to support workers' rights as part of the 2022 May Day march. The march, which was organised by Unions NSW, celebrated workers' rights and called on Australians to vote out the Morrison government at the upcoming election. Greens State Member for Newtown Jenny […]

Greens introduce rent and mould protection bill to NSW parliament

By DANIEL LO SURDO Landlords across NSW could only increase rent once every 12 months and would have to ensure that their properties are mould-free under a new Bill that has been introduced to state parliament by Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong, who accused the NSW government of being "the worst landlord in the […]

NSW Parliament passes anti-protest bill

By DANIEL LO SURDO Legislation that will allow penalties of up to two years jail time and $22,000 in fines for protestors has been passed in NSW Parliament, following a spate of mobilisations and actions across Sydney in recent weeks. The Roads and Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill will apply tougher penalties for people who disrupt […]

Bill to ban ‘convenience killing’ in animal pounds across NSW passes parliament

By DANIEL LO SURDO Killing animals because it is cheaper and easier than rehousing them will soon be a crime in NSW, after state parliament passed a new bill that would set out actions that councils must take towards rehoming a surrendered or seized animal. The Companion Animals Amendment (Rehoming Animals) Bill 2021 was passed […]

Petition for permanent Aboriginal flag on Harbour Bridge gathers momentum after Australia Day

By DANIEL LO SURDO A petition to fly the Aboriginal flag permanently above the Harbour Bridge has gathered new momentum following the appearance of the flag above the bridge on Australia Day. The campaign has amassed over 177,000 signatures at the time of writing and calls on NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet and Transport Minister David Elliott […]

Submissions to Inquiry into Bill impacting future of Callan Park almost due

By EVA BAXTER Public submissions to the Upper House Inquiry into the Greater Sydney Parklands Trust Bill 2021 are open until January 16th. Last year debate over the use of Callan Park, a parkland with 61 hectares of space including waterfront, sites connected to Country, and history as a hospital for the treatment of mental […]

Lanz Priestley Remembered – A Memorial Tribute

By BERNADETTE SMITH On November 2nd the death of Lanz Priestley was announced by his family on Facebook. He will be remembered as a tireless activist for social justice who fought for the rights of homeless people in the city as well as drought-ravaged farming communities out west. I first met Lanz at Martin Place […]

Affirmative Consent Laws to be made law as early as this week

By DANIEL LO SURDO Affirmative consent laws were passed by the NSW Lower House on Wednesday night, allowing the Bill to become law by as early as this week.  The Independent has previously reported on the Affirmative Consent Reforms Bill, which includes an affirmative consent model that details that “consent to a sexual activity must […]