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Good Things Are Coming

As summer approaches, so too does music festival season. The Australian music festival season is littered with a diverse array of options for fans of all but one genre, that being punk-rock/heavy metal. This gaping hole in the market was created following the collapse of Soundwave Festival in 2015, thankfully for Sydney’s punks and metal-heads […]

Mrs Mi

It doesn’t feel like a food court restaurant inside a shopping mall, in fact it doesn’t feel like you’re inside at all. Mrs Mi in Chatswood Chase brings the authentic taste of Northern China's Shanxi region into what appears to be a bustling and vibrantly coloured street-side location.

Food News

Things are looking up if you work around Wynyard with an outpost of Chefs Gallery opening up at MetCentre. Just like the original, you’ll find a glass-walled kitchen that allows you to enjoy the theatre of hand-stretched noodle making while your dish is prepared to order as you wait.

Chefs Gallery

The duck pancake is dead - long live the shredded Peking Duck Roti Wrap ($16.90/6 pieces)! It was my highlight of Chefs Gallery’s revised menu, which centres upon Chapas – Chinese style tapas. Before you wince, recall the Chinese have been sharing small dishes - dim sum - all the way back to the Han Dynasty; and reduced portions means sampling more dishes!