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B Boys – Dudu

The B Boys manage to capture the bleak mundaneness of everyday life but deliver it in a way which is somehow engaging and enjoyable to listen along to. Throughout the record, the band lay down track after track of buzzing indie rock. What truly sets them apart though is the clear, simple and matter of […]

Alison Wonderland – Awake

Sydney's Alison Wonderland has been making waves globally, in large part thanks to her electrifying live performances but her writing and production is also not to forgotten. With her second album, Awake, Wonderland has pushed her boundaries in many ways and created something that demands attention. Whilst her production abilities are well known this new […]

No – El Prado

With a sound that's in the vein of The National, NO’s guitar, synth, and baseline-driven tracks create a moody atmosphere of hope and longing throughout El Prado. Opening with Leave The Door Wide Open the listener is instantly introduced to the baritone vocals of lead vocalist Bradley Hanan Carter accompanied by a chugging synth and […]