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The Dead Love Get Tattooed During Concert

Last Wednesday Sydney punk band The Dead Love performed perhaps the most innovative COVIDSafe concert ever.  The concert was held within the intimate confines of tattoo parlour The Tattoo Movement for a small number of fans and media. To add yet another wrinkle to this interesting concert the band performed whilst being tattooed by the […]

Cat Protection Society Op Shop To Close After 40+ Years

COVID-19 is set to claim yet another victim by the end of this month when the Cat Protection Society Op Shop on Enmore Road closes its doors for good. "This decision was heartbreaking," said Cat Protection Society CEO Kristina Vesak. "The Cat Protection’s Op Shop volunteers, customers and donors have made a profound and positive […]

Newtown’s Theatre Scene Amidst The Outbreak

Newtown is known as one of Sydney's creative epicentres, and as such the suburb has been one of the hardest hit by social distancing measures. To gather some insight into the mindset of Newtown's theatre community City Hub spoke with Old 505 Theatre Director Kerri Glasscock this week. "Over the last few weeks [the feeling […]

Neighbourhood Watch

From 17 March, Newtown’s New Theatre will present Neighbourhood Watch, the story of two unlikely neighbours and their even more unlikely friendship. Written by Lally Katz, the upcoming production is directed by Trudy Ritchie and features a stellar cast of Australian performers including Cathy Bates, Tim Breadmore, Colleen Cook and Joshua Horwitz. The comedy explores […]


For local Sydney band WAWAWOW it is all about their indie, electro, psyche-rock music. From their live show to their new album, Pink Elephant, and even right down to their name. According to WAWAWOW's Wade Van Den Hoek (vocals and synth) the band's name came from guitarist Adam Pilcher's "excessive" use of a wah pedal. […]

1984! The Musical!

Presented for the first time globally, 1984! The Musical! will premiere this January at New Theatre in Newtown. This newly written work adapts the dystopic world of Orwell’s novel 1984 and presents it in a whole new musical form with dark comedy, song and dance.  Written by Diana Reid and Tom Davidson McLeod, the production […]


Sydney, since its very beginning, has always been an ever-changing landscape. Nowhere has this been more evident than in the way certain suburbs fall in and out of favour. Back in the early 80s one of the daily papers conducted a survey of all metropolitan suburbs according to their desirability as a place to live […]

Pastizzi Café says ‘addiju’ to South King

By ELIZA SPENCER For decades, the south end of King Street in Newtown has been a space for Sydney’s artists and outcasts. However, years of gentrification and council knock-backs have hit the small businesses of South King. Too far from the station for the comfort of tourists, and too obscure for even the hippest influencers, […]

Protection for the Victorian ring

By Peter Hehir With the pro developer NSW Government refreshed following their narrow win in the recent election, we can now expect a renewed attack on the historic suburbs that ring the CBD. Thanks to the Greater Sydney Commission, the legislation exists to increase the density of these historic and visually attractive precincts by 35%. […]

Jamie Hutchings & Darren Cross

Throughout their respective careers, Jamie Hutchings and Darren Cross have crossed paths on multiple occasions but have only recently begun working together for their current tour Bedsit For Peacer. The current tour sees two of Sydney’s most enduring and prolific creative forces taking to the road together in a joint headline show in support of […]