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Melody Pool & Marlon Williams

She’s a soul-filled composer and singer with a rare voice capable of exposing the innermost thoughts and emotions that so many will bottle up inside. Melody Pool will bring her unique blend of acoustic/folk audio to the ears of her adoring fans – however, this time she won’t be alone. “I really liked Marlon [Williams’] […]

Northeast Party House

Melbourne five-piece Northeast Party House was born out of a need to capture those irreplaceable vibes of adolescent debauchery and the pure freedom that comes when age is just a number. Rocking up at your mates place without warning, listening to some favourite tunes and even jamming a little when the moment calls for it. […]

Sea Legs

We’re told from an early age that patience is a virtue. If you’re anything like this girl, you’ll throw up your hand and admit that the message did not sink in. On the contrary for Central Coast collective Sea Legs. “It’s been a steady, slow burner,” reflects vocalist Byron Knight, as he plugs away at […]