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Back in September of 2014, the Sydney Morning Herald ran a story titled “Size doesn’t matter for Sydney’s small venues”. The crux of the story was that whilst some larger venues were closing down the influx of small bars and similar low capacity venues was taking up the slack. A few years later and things […]


In Berlin there’s a bar built in an old brothel that hosts the décor of an upside down apartment. It offers the opportunity for patrons, in various states of inebriation, to gaze upwards at the furniture nailed to the roof and eventually convince themselves that it’s them actually hanging from the ceiling. I’m currently unaware […]

City Of Sydney Silenced

We’ve all heard or read about the pressures and hurdles the nightlife economy in our once vibrant city has faced since the introduction of the NSW State Government’s Lockout Laws. More recently however there has been yet another, more silent and lethal danger facing live music venues. The City Of Sydney council’s noise and development […]

Wallis Bird

Before music became a major part of her life, Irish artist Wallis Bird had to overcome some incredibly terrifying moments and disadvantages. Now on the other side of these challenges, Bird is using her music as a means of connecting on a deeper level with people all around the world during her travels. At just 18 […]

Mat McHugh

For many musicians performing is a pursuit of passion that over time may become routine and taken for granted, but for Mat McHugh that mindset has been pushed aside because in 2015 he almost had his passion snatched away forever. Shortly after kicking off a national tour celebrating the release of his album Waves, Mat […]

Sahara Beck

One of the most exciting elements of heading out to a concert is the added dimension an artist can bring to their music through their live performance and stage presence which you simply can not experience by sitting at home listening to a record. For fresh talent Sahara Beck, this has been a part of […]

Mia Dyson – Right Here Tour

Her shows have been described as captivating. Her songs keep you wanting more, and it just so happens that she is currently here in Australia on her Right Here tour, giving you the opportunity to experience both. Mia Dyson, known for her Aria Award-winning Australian Blues artistry, is showcasing her newest creation Right Here, an […]

Bar Fly: Newtown Social Club

The Newtown Social Club's fancy renovation has taken a lot of balls. Meatballs, to be precise. Once reminiscent of your generic sticky-floored pub, the Social has recently been transformed into a hip and inviting place.

Lanie Lane

After three years in the wilderness, both literally and figuratively, Lanie Lane returns with her new album Night Shade.  After touring extensively following the release of her debut album, To The Horses, Lane decided to seclude herself away in the Victorian bush to write her next batch of music. This environment proved to be fundamental […]

Mere Women

When thinking outside the box means recording your sophomore album in a cold-storage warehouse in the height of a rural New South Wales summer, there's bound to be some questions. Questions that Mere Women axe-man and co-vocalist Flyn McKinnirey is only too happy to shed some light on when discussing Your Town. “Our engineer’s brother, […]