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The State of Murdoch

By MAX TILLMAN Failing audiences and an out-of-date business model have both been cited as possible causes for News Corp's significant drop in readership in 2019, with Rupert Murdoch’s publishing empire facing a mortal challenge as a changing audience-base continues to bite the bottom line. According to research house Roy Morgan, 2019 was not a […]

Racism not Goodes enough

BY ALEC SMART The allegation that racism was at the heart of the relentless crowd booing that irked Australian Rules’ football player Adam Goodes has reignited, following recent screenings of a documentary film on his career, The Final Quarter. It was further augmented by ABC sports commentator Charlie King, himself of indigenous descent, who singled […]

Goodbye Central Sydney

BY RITA BRATOVICH The ink has barely dried on the last ever edition of Central Sydney and its absence is being felt already. The local newspaper has served the nexus community for around 15 years, establishing itself, at least in its early days, as a media organ of integrity and a true mouthpiece of the […]

That sinking feeling…

BY PETER HEHIR The banner below the Sunday Telegraph masthead screams “YOU DECIDE. SPECIAL EDITION”. Yeah right… Shorten has been torpedoed. And News Corp and the right-wing media had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with polluting the hearts and minds of the voting public. Given the extent of fact distortion in the media, the misrepresentation […]

Australia’s small and regional newspapers come up short

By Lawrence Gibbons Australia has long had one of the most concentrated levels of media ownership in the world. Following recent changes to cross-media ownership laws, further consolidation has resulted in two corporations, Nine and News, now maintaining an outright duopoly over the majority of commercial news coverage in Australia. When the law was changed […]

News Corp turns to propaganda

The Federal Government have continued their attack on Rupert Murdoch and News Corp, specifying climate change and the economy as key issues distorted by the media mogul’s conservative agenda. Wendy Bacon, a professorial fellow with the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism (ACIJ) and contributing editor to newmatilda.com, said there was proof News Corp engaged in […]

Surry Hills the home of media

News Corp Australia has announced plans to consolidate its offices into a media precinct in Surry Hills. The plan will see News Corp sell its offices in Macquarie St in Parramatta and relocate staff from Alexandria in a move designed to consolidate the Rupert Murdoch-owned company into the one Sydney suburb. In an email to […]