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Chimerica – REVIEW

Written in 2013 by British playwright, Lucy Kirkwood, Chimerica feels very current, even prescient. The title is a portmanteau of China and America and was coined by two economists in an essay examining the symbiotic relationship between the two countries. In Kirkwood’s play,  ‘Chimerica’ has darker, more complex layers of meaning; ominous and ironic.  A […]

REVIEW: Control at New Theatre in Newtown

Emerging playwright, Keziah Warner, displays an aptitude for dialogue and comedy with some light-handed social proselytising in her new play, Control. Comprised of three one-act stories loosely connected by situations, this play is a cautionary tale about climate, A.I. and celebrity culture. In the opening story, the action takes place on a spaceship headed for […]

REVIEW: ‘The Merry Wives Of Windsor’ at New Theatre

At first thought, placing Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives Of Windsor in 1980s suburban Australia seems unlikely to succeed. However, Victor Kalka’s tight direction, Cheryl Ward’s hilarious Sir John Falstaff, and a talented cast, pull it off – with great flair.   A simple backyard set (designed by Victor Kalka) complete with a Hills Hoist firmly […]

The Chocolate Roster coming to New Theatre

In the small regional NSW town of Dorewick, Toni and Jane have set up a support group for mothers who’ve lost children to suicide. They meet weekly above the local pub, to chat and share a rotating selection of chocolate. But numbers are falling, and Toni has resorted to subterfuge to boost membership: she’s started promoting […]

The Park coming to New Theatre

A small group of characters traverse a park, accosted by both the fantastical and the earthly. What terrors are brutally real, and what are imagined? And how do they deal with the consequences of their journeys as narrative threads reveal themselves to be increasingly intertwined? In our collective psyches, parks are places of fun and […]

New Theatre Announces 2022 Season

New Theatre is thrilled to bring a new initiative to Sydney stages in 2022 entitled, Brand New - a season of Australian plays.  The season will consist of the World Premieres of The Park by Simon Thomson and The Chocolate Roster by Brooke Robinson.  Each play will have a short season of one week, with six performances, beginning January […]

REVIEW: The Lovely Bones

You would not think that a production beginning with the rape, murder and dismemberment of a teenage girl who goes to heaven would provide fodder for a winning play. Susie is walking home after school through a cornfield in Pennsylvania when the family’s neighbour George entices her into an underground children’s den he has built in […]

REVIEW: The Removalists

David Williamson’s The Removalists (1971) is a milestone in Australian drama, an over-the-top portrayal of toxic masculinity, police corruption engendering violence and the sly collusion women endured throughout. Not quite a tragedy, not quite a comedy, the play, on now at the New Theatre, straddles something between the two. Kenny (Alfie Gledhill) is a volatile larrikin […]

REVIEW: Glengarry Glen Ross

New Theatre’s staging of Glengarry Glen Ross is a cracker of a show. David Mamet’s Pulitzer-Prize winning drama demands staccato direction and acting, and the production delivers, including clever set design (Tom Bannerman), lighting (Ole Borch) and Director Louise Fischer‘s sure-handed guidance that brings every element together for a sometimes explosive performance. Fischer has assembled a […]

Beautiful Thing

Presented as part of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras the next production to take to the stage at Newtown New Theatre is entitled Beautiful Thing. The production follows Jamie, a shy and bullied 15-year-old boy who is coming to terms with his sexuality. As the show plays out Jamie and Ste, the football-mad […]