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REVIEW: Picnic At Hanging Rock

On St Valentine’s Day 1900, a party of schoolgirls set out to picnic at Hanging Rock... some were never to return. That’s the synopsis of the classic Australian novel written by Joan Lindsay which was produced into a successful film and more recently as a television series. The theatrical production, which was adapted by Tom […]

REVIEW: Animal Farm

It feels nearly painful to watch Saro Lusty-Cavallari’s thoughtful adaptation of Animal Farm and realise that the cautionary tale from 1945 is still so shockingly relevant. George Orwell, its author, who also wrote 1984, was prescient decades ago, and instead of fading, the metaphors employed in a barnyard revolt continue to echo. Lusty-Cavallari’s adaptation and direction […]

Neighbourhood Watch

After the forced closure owing to COVID-19 restrictions, The New Theatre reopens with Neighbourhood Watch, a tremendously funny and enjoyable play. The story centers on the friendship between two neighbours, Ana an elderly Hungarian born woman, and Catherine, a twenty-something aspiring young actress. Colleen Cook who plays the role of Ana explained that this play […]

Neighbourhood Watch

From 17 March, Newtown’s New Theatre will present Neighbourhood Watch, the story of two unlikely neighbours and their even more unlikely friendship. Written by Lally Katz, the upcoming production is directed by Trudy Ritchie and features a stellar cast of Australian performers including Cathy Bates, Tim Breadmore, Colleen Cook and Joshua Horwitz. The comedy explores […]

Angry Fags

Topher Payne’s Angry Fags is a revenge story and a cautionary tale of good gay guys gone bad. Payne’s play is a comedic play portraying support towards LGBTQI rights, exploring themes of friendships, revenge and political satire. The play is about politics, love and toxic friendships. Payne’s characters uses violence to go against violence, however, […]

1984! The Musical!

Presented for the first time globally, 1984! The Musical! will premiere this January at New Theatre in Newtown. This newly written work adapts the dystopic world of Orwell’s novel 1984 and presents it in a whole new musical form with dark comedy, song and dance.  Written by Diana Reid and Tom Davidson McLeod, the production […]

REVIEW: The Angry Brigade

In line with its broadly leftist philosophy, the New Theatre at Newtown presents UK playwright James Graham’s examination of a series of bombings in London in 1969-70 by Britain’s first home-grown terrorists – four young people who called themselves “The Angry Brigade.” The play is divided into two parts. The first half looks at the […]

REVIEW: The Grapes Of Wrath

The New Theatre's goal is to promote fresh talent in less prominent productions aimed at discerning ‘thinking’ audiences, who expect originality in their theatre-going experiences and who demand more than the same old flamboyant ‘guaranteed hit’ musicals playing around town. They have hit the mark with their latest production based on John Steinbeck’s classic 1940 […]

This Bitter Earth

This July Newtown’s New Theatre will be presenting the world premiere of Australian writer Chris Edward’s play This Bitter Earth. The play is hilarious, heart wrenching and gay. Really gay. Exploring the ins and outs of being a 20-something queer living in Sydney, This Bitter Earth was written by Chris while completing his Masters of […]

Once In Royal David’s City

Acclaimed Australian playwright Michael Gow’s gripping and confronting play Once In Royal David’s City opens this week at Newtown’s New Theatre. Directed by Patrick Howard, a New Theatre play assessor of over four years, and featuring a sprawling cast of twelve actors, Once In Royal David’s City will enthral and confront audiences in the same […]