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The recent three part ABC documentary Exposed: The Ghost Train Fire was a meticulous piece of investigative journalism that confirmed many of the rumours that had existed for decades following the horrendous Luna Park inferno. That it took some 40 odd years to see the light of day says a lot about the depth of the […]

Damned lies and politics

By Peter Hehir The ALP’s argument against stopping Stage 3b (aka the Rozelle Interchange) is that it would cost too much to buy back the contract; a contract that was only signed a week before Xmas. It is telling though that hundreds of millions were outlaid in evicting families and businesses well before the 13,000 […]

The Workers

At a time when the Labor Party seems to stand for little more than getting back into power, this place harks back to the days when it used to stand for something: the workers. It’s guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye to anyone who remembers the glory days of Whitlam, Hawke and Wran.

News in brief

Neville Wran farewelled Former NSW Labor premier Neville Wran was remembered at a state funeral at Sydney Town Hall on May 1. “His brain was forever crackling with ideas,” said former prime minister Paul Keating at the service. Mr Wran's legacy included the introduction of random breath testing, creating the Land and Environment Court and […]

Vale Neville Wran

OBITUARY by Darcy Byrne This week we say goodbye to the greatest Balmain boy of all. As a working class kid growing up in Balmain in the '80s, the name Neville Wran meant many things to me. For local people, especially those whose families had been there for generations, Wran personified all that was good […]