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Struggling students to be cut off from HELP loans

By ALLISON HORE New legislation being proposed by the Australian government as part of the Job-ready Graduates package will leave low performing students without government support, if it passes through parliament. Under the scheme students with a “low completion rate” will no longer be able to access a Commonwealth supported place, HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP. For […]

Inaccessible elections

By KATHERINE RAJWAR While this year's Federal election has drawn to a close, for people with a disability, the road to access is certainly not over. One month on the from the Federal Election, the efficiency of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) voting process has been questioned by disability campaigners. Visitors of the Pronger household […]

Students revolt against reforms

By Tang Li Students across the country have united to protest the federal government’s push for university fee deregulation. The National Union of Students (NUS) coordinated the National Day of Action (NDA) which saw demonstrations in capital cities across Australia on Wednesday March 25. Despite the Senate’s continuous rejections, and recent polling that revealed 80 […]

Combatting homelessness amongst LGBTIQ students

A new crisis accommodation initiative at the University of NSW has been implemented in order to combat homelessness amongst LGBTIQ students. UNSW queer officer Dylan Lloyd, who was a key advocate for the initiative, had to leave his home in the western suburbs as a result of facing an abusive situation after coming out. Mr […]

Gillard hears students’ pleas, but fails to listen

Julia Gillard’s recent backflip on the proposed Youth Allowance Scheme has attracted further criticism from students, education experts and members of the Opposition. Changes to eligibility criteria will now be delayed until mid 2012, leaving some students feeling left out in the cold. The changes ensure current gap year students are not affected by the […]