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Casey Donovan

Most people would know Casey Donovan from her time on Australian Idol in 2004, after the then 16 year old would blow the competition away with her powerful voice and charming personality. Since then Casey has gone on to expand her career by using her talents outside of the world of strictly music by venturing […]

Jessica Braithwaite

For the people of Adelaide Jessica Braithwaite is likely most recognisable as the local weather girl. However, for the rest of Australia she is a rising pop music artist who has just released a new single which couldn't be more timely. The new single, Feel This Way, may have been written two years ago but […]


While Star Kendrick and Toma Banjanin grew up as childhood friends on the Sunshine Coast they only came together as the dream-pop duo Geowulf recently. Since finally coming together in London the duo has gone from strength to strength and are now set to return home to Australia for their first-ever tour here. Speaking to […]