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Discover the history of Taronga Zoo in ‘How To Move A Zoo’

There is a little-known history about Sydney, when in 1916, the zoo at Moore Park was moved to Taronga. Animal by animal, strategy by strategy, they were transported through the streets of Sydney and across the harbour, decades before the construction of the Harbour Bridge. It was a pretty wild operation, and attracted an excited […]

Naked City: The Museum of Old and Nasty Artefacts

  They were largely the innocent playthings and ephemera of our youth, loved at the time but these days either banned, shunned, or banished to a dusty box at the back of the garage. For all intents and purposes they are ‘gone’ but definitely not ‘forgotten’. Hobart has its remarkable Museum Of Old And New […]

T2 building: dykes or bikes?

Four years after purchasing the site, the City of Sydney has endorsed a plan to turn the old T2 building at Taylor Square into a bike hub. The building at 1-5 Flinders Street formerly housed a 24-hour nightclub, which was shut down by council in 2008. Since then, the building has seen some temporary use […]