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Farewell, Mr Haffmann

The historical WWII drama - Farewell, Mr Haffmann - is set during the German occupation of Paris in 1941 when Jews were being rounded up and mercilessly transported to concentration camps. The film doesn’t concentrate on the atrocities being committed to these communities but revolves around three characters and how their decision to defy the […]

Maybe Someday, a melancholic non-binary road trip film

The quietly composed film Maybe Someday follows Jay, a photographer recently separated from her wife, on a journey away from her old life and towards a new and unmapped path in Los Angeles. On the way, she visits a high school friend, once (and perhaps still) a BFF, and a divorced mother Jess. In a sense, […]

Cinematic Wonders – RITZ CINEMAS

BY RIDA BABAR Ritz Cinemas is the ultimate art deco lover’s dream, with all of the newest blockbusters with an interior that’ll make you feel like you’ve walked into the 1920s (in a good way). The Ritz is also a frequent host to not only the latest films, but also a number of special events, […]

Czech And Slovak Film Festival Returns To Sydney

The Czech and Slovak Film Festival returns to Sydney this year for its 9th presentation. Over the course of five days the festival will be screening 11 of the highest quality movies and nine shorts produced in these countries. COVID-19 restrictions have had devastating effects on film industries throughout the world, but Festival Director Ika […]

The Duke – the greatest art heist ever?

Based on a true story which occurred in 1961 this British film details the tribulations of Kempton Bunton, an elderly man who couldn’t keep a job and allegedly stole Goya’s portrait of the Duke Of Wellington worth £140,000 from the National Gallery in London. The film opens where he’s in court facing criminal charges for […]

‘Nowhere Special’ is a beautiful and heart wrenching film

Sometimes watching a relatable and emotionally charged movie can inspire people to appreciate and not take family and other loved ones for granted. Based on a true story Nowhere Special is a beautiful and heart wrenching film handled with intense sensitivity as a single father desperately trying to find the perfect adoptive family for his […]

It Snows In Benidorm is a joyful & chaotic ride

Not quite a thriller, not quite a comedy, It Snows In Benidorm echoes the predictable storyline of a Brit finding enlightenment through adventure abroad, but with a droll unfolding of events that makes it something altogether different. Peter Riordan (Timothy Spall) is a mid-level bank manager in Manchester who subsists on habit (one potato and one […]

Robert Pattinson Establishes A Great Legacy As The Batman

The Caped Crusader returns to rid the streets of Gotham City once again in Matt Reeves' dark, grimy, noir detective story of The Batman. This time around Robert Pattinson dons the iconic cowl as a younger version of Bruce Wayne who is only two years into his double life as Batman. The version of Batman […]

Jewish Film Festival 2022

The Jewish International Film Festival returns to the big screen this year with a program of 55 feature films and a shorts package from 20 countries around the world. With a program that includes 31 feature films of which two are world premiere screenings of Australian produced films, 25 documentaries, episodes from a television series, six short […]

Horror of Bosnian War explored in new film, Quo Vadis Aida?

The world has learnt nothing from the Jewish Holocaust of WWII, as highlighted in this horrifying depiction of the massacre of 8372 innocent civilians from the small town of Srebrenica during the Bosnian war in July 1995. This movie details the events that followed when a small town was taken over by the Serbian army […]