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AKONI – Local Film Premiere To Celebrate World Refugee Week

Over 100 million people are currently displaced worldwide due to conflict. The small award-winning Aussie independent film, Akoni, tells the story of one of these people - a homeless Nigerian refugee who struggles to find a path to happiness in Australia. After a tragedy occurs in his war-ridden country Akoni is left destitute and homeless […]

Filming underway in Sydney for upcoming film, Christmess

Production has begun on a new Australian film by Heath Davis (Broke, Book Week & Locusts). Filming in Campbelltown & Greater Western Sydney this film is set to give the traditional Christmas movie a uniquely Australian flair. Entitled Christmess this will be Heath's fourth film & will see him one again working with long-time friend Steve Le Marquand, […]

Norwegian horror ‘The Innocents’ is deeply unsettling

The Innocents is a Norwegian supernatural thriller which follows four young children as they develop & explore their new found telepathic/telekinetic abilities. Akin to classic horror tales such as Children Of The Corn this film uses the innocence of childhood & the development of a moral compass to ratchet up the tension. The Innocents moves […]

How To Please A Woman

Quintessentially another movie that highlights the problem Australian filmmakers have producing genuinely enjoyable comedic feature films. The story centers on a middle-aged woman (Sally Phillips) who has been retrenched from her job and forms an all-male domestic cleaning company where sex is also offered on the side. Initially the comedic elements are slow burning where  […]

Operation Mincemeat

A fascinating WWII historical drama which details an elaborate deception named Operation Mincemeat, devised in 1943 and approved by Winston Churchill. The plan would hopefully fool Hitler into believing that British allied forces were going to strike Southern Europe through Greece instead of Sicily. The deception involved dropping a corpse with misleading papers off the […]

Australian Social Media Horror Comedy Film, Sissy, Debuting At Sydney Film Festival

In today's society social media influencers have become a huge part of our culture. For these people the number of followers, likes, shares & viewers are hot commodities, & potential big business. So it's no surprise that horror films, which have always done a great job at satirising the worst parts of society have begun […]

Abortion drama ‘The Happening’ is a deeply moving film

Set in post-World War Two France, The Happening tells the story of Anne, a promising student of literature who has no redress in her unwanted pregnancy. She tries a number of ways to end the pregnancy, leading to betrayal and humiliating episodes: the trusted doctor who prescribes shots that actually strengthen the foetus, the pal who […]

The Good Boss

From Spain comes The Good Boss, a comedy which can best be described as a corporate satire. Set over a week, the story centers on Julio Blanco (Javier Bardem) the owner of a scale factory who unashamedly meddles in the business of his employees because he believes that what his workers do may reflect on […]

Jared Leto’s vampire Morbius ends a run of incredible comic adaptations

In the past few months comic book movie fans have been treated to an absolute feast of incredible output, thanks to the releases of Spider-Man: No Way Home and more recently The Batman. Unfortunately that run of fantastic films comes to s screeching halt with Sony's latest foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe via their Jared […]

Miss Marx – Punk rock biopic of feminist & social activist Eleanor Marx

BY IKI MINOGUE Set in 18th century Germany, the biopic Miss Marx tells the story of feminist and socialist activist Eleanor Marx. The film begins with Miss Marx delivering the eulogy of her father, now known as the father of communism, Karl Marx. Not long has passed since Eleanor Marx buried both her mother and […]