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A Christmas Gift From Bob

A Christmas Gift From Bob is a heart-warming Christmas film about a man and his cat, based on the international best selling books. The film follows the story of James and his best furry friend Bob as it relays the importance of the relationship between people and their pets, and how these furry friends can […]

The War With Grandpa

In this day and age we've all come across a spoiled millennial who simply has to have everything go their own way. This star studded, child friendly comedy explores this notion as Peter (Oakes Fegley) goes to war with his grandpa Ed (Robert De Niro) after the later is forced to move into the youngster's […]

Happiest Season

Not your conventional Christmas cinematic offering, but there are endless laugh out loud moments in this romantic comedy surprise hit of the year! “Come with me to my parent’s house for Christmas. What’s five days? How bad can it be?” Harper (Mackenzie Davis) suggests to her lesbian lover Abby (Kristen Stewart). Well for starters Abby […]

In The Name Of The Land

This remarkable rural drama which is one of the most depressing yet significant films to emerge from France in recent years depicts the harsh realities of working on the land. Based on the true story of the film’s director Edouard Bergeon’s own childhood, it details the gradual mental and physical decline of a happily married […]


This horror/comedy ‘body swap’ film can best be described as a cross between horror flick Scream and Disney’s Freaky Friday and feels like ‘a movie within a movie’. The film commences as a run of the mill slasher flick where four teenagers are brutally murdered by a masked assailant. There’s no humour initially, just a […]

Honest Thief

A former marine demolitions expert (Liam Neeson) who has robbed 12 banks in seven states amounting to US$9 million wants to turn himself in and make a fresh start. His plan is to hand over all the stolen money for a reduced sentence. But why does this thief suddenly see the error of his ways […]

The Goddess Of Fortune

A long-lasting gay relationship is challenged in this cleverly woven Italian drama as sexual indiscretions arise, further fuelled when the couple takes on the huge responsibility of looking after their friend’s two children. Is it conceivable that reconciliations under such pressures are at all possible in today’s hectic and problematic world as attitudes and moral […]

Miss Juneteenth

Set in a sleepy town in Texas, a black mother tries to make ends meets and exclaims, “I’m gonna make sure my daughter is something I ain’t - she’s my dream now.” An all-black cast stars in this small budget Indie film about Turquoise, a mother whose dream is for her 15-year-old daughter Kai to […]


Satirical feature film Spree highlights the extremes a young man goes to for popularity on social media and ultimately does for Uber passengers what Jaws did for seaside holidayers. Kurt drives around picking up fares and has several cameras in his car which stream live all occurrences to his small viewership. He has spent 10 […]

Dirt Music

The novel written by Tim Winton may have been an enjoyable read, but unfortunately, the screen adaption has failed to impress. This slow-burning Australian romantic drama was filmed in the beautiful vastness of Western Australia and stars David Welham and Scottish actress Kelly MacDonald (Trainspotting). They play Jim and Georgie, whose already unstable relationship is […]