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After a promising start, audiences may believe that what lies ahead is captivating and enjoyable, however, disappointment soon sets in as the film deteriorates into a shameful embarrassment that should have been released straight to DVD. Michael Caine plays the role of an ex-art dealer who runs a den with young thieves in this modern […]

First Cow

This style of film should excite high-profile critics and also conduct relatively good box office in small arthouse cinemas however, the film may ultimately fail financially as the all-important mainstream audiences will steer away. First Cow is set in 1820 and begins with two men meeting in the wilderness of the Oregon Country. Cookie is […]


The courageous story of a middle-aged woman who relocates into isolated tribal lands amongst the mountains in Wyoming disassociating herself from society completely should prove to be a rewarding cinematic experience for all audiences who enjoy a good human drama. Robin Wright portrays Edee a middle-aged woman who tells her therapist, “it’s really hard to […]

Mortal Kombat Almost Achieves Flawless Victory

The team behind Mortal Kombat may not have achieved a flawless victory but they certainly packed a punch. Video game movie adaptations don't have the greatest track record but over recent years we appear to be heading in a much more positive direction with the genre. Following in the wake of the success seen by  […]

The United States vs Billie Holiday

In The United States vs Billie Holiday, Andra Day’s impassioned performance as the titular character proves to be the saviour of an otherwise scattered and disjointed film. It’s evident that Lee Daniels, in his first feature directorial effort since 2013s The Butler, had a bold vision for Billie Holiday: A frenetic biopic of a legendary […]

Fantastic Film Festival

The Fantastic Film Festival encompasses genre and alternative cinema which simply doesn’t fit into traditional categories. The program showcases some of the strangest and most wonderful films produced by some of the most daring (and perhaps eccentric) directors and has been especially curated for moviegoers who enjoy bizarre, non-mainstream cinema. “Genre cinema has an unmatched […]


This science-fiction thriller explores what could quite possibly become a reality in the not-too-distant future. With resources being depleted on Earth a group of child crew members and an adult minder head off on an intergalactic journey to a planet that may sustain human life. The children’s grandchildren will reach the destination in 86 years. […]


Everybody who works a mundane nine to five job will have moments when thy feel like a nobody and wish they could be something more. For Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk, of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fame) his monotonous life as an accountant becomes too much to bear when intruders break into his house […]

Two By Two: Overboard

The now sometimes perfected balance of creating animated movies with appeal to kids and adults has been sharpened by a booming genre, but Two By Two: Overboard” falls flat. It delivers the whistles and whimsy for the kids in what becomes a bizarre narrative arc, and it seems underdeveloped for the kids and just a wallop […]

Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong knows exactly what it is: a movie about two building-sized creatures duking it out with reckless abandon in various extravagant settings. Fortunately, it plays to its strengths and plays to them well. The latest in the ‘Monsterverse’ series, Godzilla vs. Kong promises to see the two titular characters, rather, titans, face off […]