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This is the incredible story of courage and resilience that should inspire women who have lived in abusive relationships to move forward and rebuild their lives. Sandra is a single mother of two young daughters who has escaped her abusive husband. Owing to the high price and poor quality of rental accommodation she decides to […]

Heroic Losers

From Argentina comes this heist caper reminiscent of American feature film Ocean’s 11, which stars Ricardo Darin heading an ensemble cast of Argentine performers unrecognisable to Australian audiences. As a financial crisis shatters the country’s economy, a corrupt counsellor steals the money of a group of up-and-coming co-operatives, hiding the stash in an underground vault. […]

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Be afraid! Be very afraid! This is the arresting and ultra-frightening second sequel to The Conjuring (2013) and the eighth instalment in The Conjuring universe, which should have horror film enthusiasts screaming and gasping for air while literally sitting at the edge of their seats! Unlike the first two films, this is not set in […]


This is quintessentially a low budget film which audiences will either love or hate – there’s no in between. The story follows Ray, a delivery man who takes on an unprotected gig economy job (contract jobs performed by individual operators) cabling to support himself and his sick brother. Initially prosperous he soon learns that multi-billion-dollar […]

My Name Is Gulpilil

My Name Is Gulpilil is the life story of, and narration by legendary Indigenous actor David Gulpilil as he struggles in his senior years against seemingly terminal lung cancer and its debilitating effects and treatments. This documentary is an unvarnished account of David’s life starting out as “full-blood” boy hunting, tracking, and dancing in Arnhem […]

Death Of A Ladies’ Man

Occasionally a cinematic oddity surfaces which leads audiences to ask, was this film actually enjoyable? The Canadian/Irish co-production Death Of A Ladies' Man is quietly humorous, bizarre, and placid viewing, but unquestionably belongs in this category. Sam (Gabriel Byrne) has been an alcoholic womaniser most of his life when he suddenly commences having strange hallucinations […]

Spiral: From The Book Of Saw

Helmed by Chris Rock Spiral: From The Book Of Saw is the ninth iteration in the Saw film series and looks to act as a soft reboot/offshoot of the franchise. At the core of the film's story is Detective Ezekiel 'Zeke' Banks (Chris Rock) as he tracks, and attempts to apprehend, a Jigsaw copycat murderer […]

Finding You

Audiences should not be surprised if, shortly after the film has commenced, they get a nagging feeling that they’ve seen all this before. It’s the story of Finley Sinclair (Rose Reid), a young American student who, after failing her violin audition to gain entrance into music school, flies off to Ireland and predictably meets Beckett […]

Those Who Wish Me Dead

This movie is a fast action-packed and nail-biting suspense thriller that should have audiences at the edge of their seats from beginning to end! The synopsis is simplistic where two assassins attempt to hunt down and kill a young teenager who was witness to his father’s murder. Lost in the Montana wilderness he entrusts a […]

June Again

With dementia themed films Father and Supernova doing good business in cinemas, Australian dramedy June Again is set for release and should prove to be popular viewing for all audiences. Noni Hazlehurst shines as June, an elderly woman who had a stroke which led to vascular dementia. After five years in a nursing home, she […]