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‘The Old Ways’ is a South American spin on an exorcism

Directed by Christopher Alender The Old Ways presents a classic tale of possession, both demonic and personal, with a fresh South American twist. In the film we follow Cristina Lopez (Brigitte Kali), a Mexican-American journalist, who decides to travel back to her home town in order to do a story investigating ancient spiritual practices. Upon her […]

Terror rises in It Came From Below

Plop, drip, plop are the scary sounds in It Came From Below, another story about youngsters venturing into ill-advised scenarios, in this case an underground cave. Brother and sister, somewhat estranged, come together as the sister wants to vindicate her father’s research. Coming along for the midnight picnic of the creeps is the brother’s girlfriend, […]

‘Ride The Eagle’ is the perfect comedic escape

This is the surprise dramedy of the year and the most suitable film to take our minds away from these dark times during COVID-19, even if only for 90 minutes. America’s top comedian Jake Johnson produced, co-wrote and stars in what can best be described as humorous and pleasurable viewing. Johnson portrays a man who […]

‘Royal Jelly’ is a horror film for all the wrong reasons

Sometimes a movie can be so bad that’s it’s good but unfortunately this celluloid fodder is just downright awful! Imagine – a serious horror flick that surrounds a mysterious woman who grooms a young unsuspecting bee nerd teenager to be the next beehive’s queen bee! Laughable! Royal Jelly ticks all the wrong boxes. Poor direction, […]

Candyman a welcome return to form for Jordan Peele

Acclaimed filmmaker Jordan Peele (Get Out, BlacKkKlansman, Us) once again dips his toes into the horror genre & peels back the veneer on racial inequality. This time Peele acts as the screenwriter alongside director Nia DaCosta as they create a spiritual sequel to 1992's Candyman. 2021's Candyman takes place in modern day Chicago. More specifically […]

Skin Crawling Wall Street Drama, ‘Mosquito State’

Reviewed by Jarrod Wolfhunter Mosquito State is a combination of Bret Easton Ellis’ American Psycho meets Orwell’s 1984, meets Kafka’s Metamorphosis. The disturbing film follows the steady mental decline of Wall-Street savant, Richard Boca, into insanity. His physical transition from a professional - surrounded by alpha-bro-dudes - to limping monstrosity is harrowing. Boca is ravaged, […]

Liam Neeson Takes To ‘The Ice Road’

Aging Liam Neeson has once again highlighted that he can still hold an audience as an action hero. In his latest venture he heads the cast as a driver on what can best be described as an adrenaline powered suicide mission. Along with four others he must deliver life-saving equipment travelling in 30-ton trucks over […]

Come Play explores the horror of tech addiction

A solitary, non-verbal Autistic boy unwittingly invites a monster into his home when he reads the creepy children's tale about Larry on his new iPad. Jacob Chase’s directorial debut puts an interesting spin on the idea of technology being the conduit for an evil, menacing force. Come Play works because it plays on the metaphor […]


Cash Boykins may be the greatest fighter to ever set foot into an octagon for a MMA fight but back at home he certainly isn't winning any accolades for his parenting skills. Cash's son Jett still looks up to his father as a hero, despite witnessing his father physically assaulting his mother and younger brother […]


This is the incredible story of courage and resilience that should inspire women who have lived in abusive relationships to move forward and rebuild their lives. Sandra is a single mother of two young daughters who has escaped her abusive husband. Owing to the high price and poor quality of rental accommodation she decides to […]