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There’s a certain irony as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, we also recall the 40th anniversary of Skylab plunging to earth in the wilds of Western Australia. The latter was clearly an affirmation of the old adage, ‘what goes up must come down’, much to the joy of the many treasure […]

REVIEW: Monopoly

Monopoly might not normally be considered a spectator sport, but Steven Hopley’s new play configured around the immortal board game has all the thrills and tension of a Wimbledon final. Five young adults gather one evening for a friendly game of Monopoly. The get together is a regular thing for four members of the group, […]


Inspired by a real game of Monopoly between the cast and crew of The Shape of Things, award-winning playwright Steven Hopley has written Monopoly, a new comedy perfect for every millennial who’s too focused on their smashed avocado toast. Examining the struggle that is Sydney’s property market, the play focuses on a game of monopoly […]