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Covid-19 exposures are changing our arts community 

Close contacts are in isolation after a COVID-19 case at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital vaccination centre on July 6. Among them is Word Travels Creative Director, Miles Merrill. Merrill, who is at home with his whole family, gave insight into creative practice of his literary arts organisation during this time.  “I think the challenge... […]

Word Travels’ Story Week 2020 Goes Virtual

Miles Merrill is the artistic director of this simultaneous hook up event where musicians, poets and producers share their newest revelations. “Performance of narrative envelopes us in empathy and understanding. The spoken word is really the thread that keeps us all together," said Merril. Also the creator of Word Travels Story Week, Australia’s national poetry […]

Word Travels

This weekend, Sydney plays host to spoken words. Words of all varieties, spoken by all manner of wordsmiths: poets, performers, MCs and anybody with a story to tell. When drawn together, these words become the second annual Word Travels Story Fest. So what is spoken word? Poet, author, rapper and former Australian Poetry Slam champion Omar Musa said, […]

Word travels fast

Wordsmiths, adventurers and lovers of mystery are in for a treat this October as the inaugural Word Travels Festival hits town. Created from the Australian Poetry Slam, the festival will play host to the annual spoken-word competition and many more hip events. Festival coordinator and spoken word poet, Miles Merrill, explains what a poetry slam […]

The Art of Words

Hip-hop is often generalised as an entity of rivalry and violence, where artists look out for number one in order to become top dog. Forget what you think you know about that concept. One Mic will be a night that blows all of these misconceptions out of the water, as this monthly event at the […]