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Mac Attacks Martin Place

BY MICK DALEY Sydney’s Macquarie Bank have drawn a storm of high-level protest against their planned $637 million developments in Martin Place - already at the Stage Three approval phase. Perhaps their escape from scrutiny by the banking Royal Commission has emboldened them to think they’re bulletproof. As the somewhat opaque ‘fifth pillar’ of Australia’s […]

Sydney traffic 60 years out of date

BY MICK DALEY Readers of NSW Government press releases and the Murdoch press might be forgiven for thinking that Sydney’s road transport system is state of the art and functioning superbly. Bureaucratic prolix has been running hot as new projects are mooted and sometimes as swiftly shut down, including the projected folly of the $1.5bn […]

Messy renters lose out

BY MICK DALEY Rampant inflation in the rental market is one of the great economic issues for Australian battlers. But if figures released by commercial cleaning company UrbanYou are to be believed, renters themselves are wasting staggering amounts of money each year. Styling themselves as a ‘home services marketplace’ , UrbanYou have released a survey […]

Users locked out of housing

BY MICK DALEY   Community groups and Greens Member for Newtown Jenny Leong have reacted angrily to a NSW Government Local Allocation Strategy which could exclude hundreds of people from accessing public housing in the inner city. Letters sent from the Department of Family and Community Services to people on waiting lists for housing in […]

Sydney’s mean streets get meaner

BY MICK DALEY Last week’s release of figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) on homelessness have prompted withering scorn from community commentators. The Greens and leading charities have expressed outrage at the figures, which show the rate of estimated homelessness up from 40 in every 10,000 people in 2011 to 50 in every […]

Behind Closed Doors

BY MICK DALEY A Sydney Morning Herald article last week on housing market inequalities caused by government rezoning is only half the story, according to activist Maire Sheehan. The one-time Mayor of Leichhardt says that confidential rezoning decisions made between developers and planners are driving property prices up and encouraging ‘Hong Kong’ style residential high […]

End of line for Bronte bus

BY MICK DALEY Bronte residents are fuming over a NSW Transport Department decision to axe their direct 378 beach-to-city bus service last year. A Change.org petition begun by Bronte resident Gaby Naher, a literary agent who commutes daily to the city, has garnered over 550 signatures. It objects strenuously to the cancellation of the service, […]

Concrete outcome in Glebe

BY MICK DALEY Good news stories are rare when they mix a busy working harbour with a state government bent on constant profitable development. But the probable move of Hanson Concrete, a fifty year-old business based in Glebe, to the heavy industry facility on Glebe Island is a provisional win on many levels. It keeps […]

Finding safe harbour

BY MICK DALEY Sydney Harbour’s reputation as one of the finest in the world owes everything to its superb geographical advantages. But a working harbour requires infrastructure, and from post-Invasion to post-reality, commercial shipping and recreational boaters depend upon the wharves and safe waterways that enable every aspect of maritime endeavour. Ex-mayor of Leichardt and […]