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Griffin Award Winner 2020

Tasmania's Dylan Van Den Berg has been awarded the prestigious Griffin Award for new Australian playwriting for his piece, Way Back When. The accolade sees Van Den Berg being awarded $10,000 after beating out 130 other plays in an anonymous judging process featuring a panel of artists to be placed into a top five shortlist. […]

Going Down

“It’s not biographical but it certainly takes elements from Michele Lee’s life. She wrote a memoir named Banana Girl and this play came kind of as a response to the feedback she received from that book. I hope that people identify with it, I hope it speaks to an audience that feels they don’t normally get spoken […]


Michele Lee’s fast-paced two-hander Rice is carried off with great energy by the charismatic Kristy Best, who plays the workaholic Executive Officer Nisha, and Hsiao-Ling Tang, who plays her long-suffering cleaner Yvette, who runs her own business and has a troublesome daughter Sheree, also played by Best. An employee of Golden Fields, Nisha is trying to […]

Power Plays

If the short story is having a ‘moment’, then maybe the short play is having its moment as well. Hence STC’s commissioning of a quintet of Australia’s finest playwrights to create a collection of five short works about power. Power Plays is about identity, survival, love, hate, sex – who wields the power and how […]