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Energy retailers ripping off solar producers

Michael Mobbs looks forward to receiving his electricity bill. And why not? His most recent statement shows Origin Energy owes him $165.19 for three months of power. Mr Mobbs, who owns Sustainable House in Chippendale, is receiving 60 cents per kilowatt hour (cents/kWh) for the solar power he exports into the grid from his network […]

The slow dimming of Earth Hour

It’s the global event that began in Sydney, when people shut off their lights for climate change. But in its eighth year, there are signs the lights are being turned off on Earth Hour itself. In what is perhaps a recognition of that, the event will change tack this year to focus more directly on […]

Council takes the initiative on compost

Waverley Council has teamed up with sustainability expert Michael Mobbs to implement a new compost initiative. Mr Mobbs from Sustainable Projects said the initiative will use a new machine to reduce food waste to a tenth of its size overnight. “It will be about the size of a large fridge,” he said. “They’ll put their […]

Mobbs: Sydney to reach breaking point

A Sydney expert in sustainable living has cast doubt on the capacity of the city’s infrastructure to withhold the string of large-scale, State Government-approved urban developments. Michael Mobbs, a Chippendale-based author and environmental consultant, is concerned the CBD’s transport system will fail to cope with the influx of people stemming from the line of developments […]