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Their democratic right to protest aside, many would regard the ragtag collection of protestors who have turned out regularly for the anti-lockdown protests as serial pests. The same faces, spruiking the same agendas, regularly appear at the Sydney and Melbourne protests and unmasked, they have no problem being documented by the media.  Whether frustration with […]

Chris Cuffaro – Greatest Hits: Michael Hutchence

Acclaimed photographer Chris Cuffaro returns to Australian soil with an exhibition of images from his iconic shoot with the late Michael Hutchence. Cuffaro met with Hutchence in LA on Oct 1, 1993, and spent the day photographing him for a shoot commissioned by Detour magazine. The shoot was a creative freestyle with the two connecting […]

Stu Spence – When a Man Snaps

Stu Spence is a former TV host, renowned photojournalist, fine art photographer and writer. In his career, he has snapped the likes of Kylie Minogue and Michael Hutchence to You Am I, Nicole Kidman and many others. As a writer, Stu has contributed columns and features for magazines, online publications and newspapers. “I see these […]

Lenny Kravitz – Strut

It’s been 25 years since his debut album and he’s now 50 years old but Lenny Kravitz remains one of the coolest dudes in music. Strut, his tenth studio album, doesn’t contain much by way of surprises but what it does have is a winning mix of funk, rock and soul from one of the masters. […]