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Cruelty To Animals And Horses

By Renee Dallow Greyhounds are elegant and graceful dogs. They make loyal, loving pets. On the track these beautiful animals can be turned into competitive killing machines when live bait is put before them. A poor little furry rabbit, tied to a cart and paraded before the half starved creatures, can really make them run. […]

How the racing tax scam works

by JOHN MOYLE That the Thoroughbred racing industry is in a crisis cannot be denied. Just before the 2019 Melbourne Cup the ABC broke a damming story on the treatment of working race horses that also highlighted the horrendous manner in which non-performing horses were disposed-of. The fallout was immediate and far reaching for animal […]


Amidst a hyperbolic frenzy and a protest over billboarding of the Opera House sails, the world’s richest horse race on turf was run last Saturday – but what does it all mean? The organisers Racing NSW will tell you it was a massive success, attracting a bumper crowd at Randwick and considerable media coverage. They now claim […]

Calls for overhaul of horse racing industry

The horse racing industry has been requested to adopt new regulations to bring the sport in line with animal welfare standards, amid allegations the body responsible for overseeing the practice is not fit to regulate the industry. Following last week’s Melbourne Cup, which saw the horse Verema put down after suffering a fractured leg, concerns […]