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Stumping up for trees

BY ANNA COMINOS The landscape of NSW is about to undergo a radical shift if the Berejiklian Government has its way with NSW legislation changes, which will allow property developers to fast-track land clearing approvals. The current NSW government has a less than impressive environmental record. Many Sydneysiders still remember the reign of Premier Baird's […]

Activists demand ban on greyhound exports

BY KENJI SATO Millie the greyhound was born in a breeding kennel in Campbelltown. She would have been sold into a life of racing, but she lost one of her paws when she was a six week old puppy. It would turn out to be a blessing in disguise. She was adopted by Nora Anderson-Dieppe, […]

Greens push for protest exclusions zones outside NSW abortion clinics

BY KENJI SATO The NSW Greens have put forward a bill for ‘protest exclusion zones’ around abortion clinics. If the bill passes through NSW parliament, it would become illegal for anti-abortion activists to protest outside of the clinics. Greens MP and spokesperson for the Status of Women, Dr Mehreen Faruqi, said that this change was long […]

Congested College St: “headaches” to come

BY LYDIA WATSON-MOORE Cyclists came out in force to lobby NSW MPs returning to state parliament this week. More than 100 riders took to the partially demolished College Street cycleway on Tuesday morning and rode to Macquarie St, in an attempt catch the attention of politicians. Spokesperson for the Save College Street Cycleway lobby group […]

Green Square’s future on the rails

By JOE BOURKE The state government’s mention of potential light rail from the city to Green Square has been met with caution. Minister for Transport Andrew Constance told an audience last week he would be “very keen” to see light rail going to Green Square to address congestion. Greens Transport spokesperson Mehreen Faruqi said the […]

Recycling rewards Sydneysiders

BY JAZ SINGH-BRAR Two more reward based recycling machines have been placed in Wynyard and Redfern following a successful 12 month trial that collected over 75,000 plastic bottles and cans. The scheme, implemented by the City of Sydney, started with machines in Haymarket and Circular Quay, and rewarded participants not with cash but various prizes. […]

New coalition forms against carcinogenic WestConnex

By Wendy Bacon and Elise Dalley With the NSW state election over, the future of WestConnex is set to become the focus of a huge community campaign over coming months. Lack of funding for public transport, secrecy surrounding the 33 kilometre tollway WestConnex project and its environmental and health impacts will be hot issues in […]

Students join fight for women’s services

A candle-lit vigil to protest upcoming closures of women’s only homelessness services in Sydney has been organised by activist group Students for Women's Only Services. The vigil was organised as a response to the NSW Government’s Going Home Staying Home reforms. The vigil will also be used to gather supporters for the signing of a […]

Same-sex marriage on Sydney soil

This week, Peter Fraser and his partner Gordon Stevenson will become the first same-sex couple to get married here in Sydney. As of Friday, June 27, same-sex couples living in Australia will be able to marry in British consulates in Sydney and Canberra as long as one partner holds British citizenship. Following the British High […]

Zoe’s Law calls into question criminal status of abortion in NSW

The Zoe’s Law bill, which is still poised to go before the upper house, has renewed calls to remove abortion from the NSW Crimes Act. Women and health professionals are currently being criminalised for undergoing and performing abortions, a procedure that polls have consistently shown the majority of Australians support. A national study published in […]