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Made To Measure

How do people manage their inner voices when they find themselves the victims of bias? What happens to a person when they feel judged? These are questions Alana Valentine, award-winning Australian playwright, asked herself when writing her new play, Made To Measure, which examines internalised discrimination and “flippant social attitudes” around the subject of weight. […]

A Little Piece Of Ash

JackRabbit Theatre is set to present the world premiere of Megan Wilding’s debut play A Little Piece Of Ash at Kings Cross Theatre (KXT). The play focuses on Jedda, a young Aboriginal woman dealing with the grief and loss of losing her mother. Based on her own experiences, Megan will bring her heart-wrenchingly sad yet beautifully […]

REVIEW: Eurydice

America playwright Sarah Ruhl wrote this play as a tribute to her recently deceased father, and indeed the major focus is on the relationship between Eurydice (Ebony Vagulans) and her father (Jamie Oxenbould), whom she meets when she is banished on her wedding day to the Underworld. However, as she has bathed in the river […]

Blackie Blackie Brown – The Traditional Owner of Death

Presented by Sydney Theatre Company comes a bold new work and world premier from writer Nakkiah Lui, Blackie Blackie Brown – The Traditional Owner of Death.  The play see’s archaeologist Dr Jacqueline Brown as she uncovers a mass grave, finding an ancient skull. The Doctor is over come with the spirit of her great great-grandmother, […]