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Drug doubt cops strip-search girls

BY ALEC SMART On November 8, NSW Deputy Coroner Harriet Grahame released her findings from the three-week inquest into six MDMA-related deaths of youths aged 18-23 at music festivals between Dec 2017 - Jan 2019. Grahame recommended the NSW Government radically alter its drug policy, including: halting strip-searching; ceasing the use of dogs to sniff […]

Highs and lows of summer festivals

It’s that time of year again. For some, it’s simply the festive season. But for many young Sydneysiders, it’s festival season, an entirely different beast. As temperatures soar, so too does anticipation among the thousands of pleasure-seeking festival-goers whose summer will be filled with music, adventure, communion and, quite possibly, ecstasy. Sydney’s festival culture (with its attendant […]