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Historic walkout defers plebiscite demerger vote

BY JOAN HENSON A historic walkout of Inner West councillors has deferred a vote on whether a plebiscite should undo the council’s amalgamation. On Tuesday 26 March, Mayor Darcy Byrne used the first council agenda item to request a retraction and apology from two colleagues for alleged Facebook comments made last July. At the time of […]

Schools switch to solar

BY MICHAEL HITCH   Solar powered schools could soon be the norm in the inner west as the Inner West Council works with student leaders to help local schools maximise their use of renewable energy. The Sydney Student Leaders Coalition (SSLC) aims to deliver solar energy panels to schools across the area and the initiative […]

Henson park redevelopment kicks off

By Lanie Tindale The Inner West Council has supported a proposal to negotiate the redevelopment of Henson Park’s King George V Grandstand with AFL NSW/ACT, Sydney Swans and Newtown Jets. The clubs have offered a $4 million development of the Marrickville facilities in exchange for a “long term lease of the grandstand and a licence […]

Share Bikes Rounded Up

By LANIE TINDALE Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne has been rounding share-bikes off pathways, saying that “we now have to use the stick.” Three months ago, 6 Sydney councils proposed guidelines for bike share companies. The Inner West Council announced a trial period of three months for the companies to comply, which has now come […]

Callan Park under threat

BY ISOBEL RUSHE The Inner West Council is in limbo after an award-winning master plan for Callan Park was rejected by the NSW State Government late last month. The crucial need for a Master Plan for Callan Park arose after the site ceased being used as a psychiatric hospital, with the last remaining patients transferred […]

Authorities tyre of hire bikes

BY ALEC SMART Dockless rental bicycles risk being impounded in future if they obstruct pedestrians after several inner city councils called for better monitoring and retrieval. Facing a clampdown are Singapore’s silver & yellow OBikes and China’s all-red ReddyGo hire bicycles – costing $1.99 per half hour and unlocked by a smartphone app - that […]

WestCon protestors snubbed

By JESSICA DE VERA Community groups in the inner-west opposing the WestConnex road development scheme have been denied funding following last Tuesday’s extraordinary meeting at the Inner West Council. Disruption descended in the meeting when residents grew angry after they waited over three hours to discuss the notified agenda. “The substantive motions put forward by the […]

State government development may threaten Leichhardt’s future

Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne has raised concerns about the future of Leichhardt following a NSW Government announcement that it will build up to 1000 new units in the small inner west suburb. Following this announcement, Mayor Byrne has questioned the level to which the NSW State Government is willing to let local councils control the […]

Italian Forum Cultural Centre sale hits legal roadblock

Administrators SV Partners have secured an injunction against Leichhardt Council in a bid to prevent the sale of the Italian Forum Cultural Centre to Italian non-profit Co.As.It. Documents obtained by the Inner West Independent show SV Partners on behalf of Italian Forum Ltd successfully obtained the restraining orders from the Supreme Court of New South […]

Kolotex redevelopment to press ahead

An eight-storey apartment complex at the former Kolotex and Labelcraft site in Leichhardt should go ahead, Urban Taskforce chief executive Chris Johnson argues, because it is a modest proposal in line with changing consumer preferences. The NSW government sidestepped Leichhardt Council to approve the rezoning of the George Street sites for medium-density residential development. Up […]