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Gabriel Iglesias – One Show Fits All

Gabriel Iglesias is a comedian of Mexican heritage who has managed to sell out Madison Square Garden in New York with his one-man show. A seasoned performer, he is able to attract top names to his sell-out shows, including such luminaries as Antonio Banderas and Will Ferrell. He has nicknamed himself ‘Fluffy’ as a way […]

The Dark Tower

If you are a die-hard fan of Stephen King books, you may want to reconsider your expectations. But let's just not strike The Dark Tower as a lost cause, not just yet, because if you are looking at getting immersed in a Stephen King world, go straight to the movies, and dive right in the […]


In the opening scenes of Gold, we witness the comfortable existence of Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey), working at his father’s modest mineral exploration company and ensconced in a happy relationship with Kay (Bryce Dallas Howard). Then the recession of the 80's hits and commodities take a nose dive. Wells and his colleagues are now using […]


Based on a true story, Matthew McConaughey stars as a damaged rodeo cowboy (Ron Woodroof) in 1985, who has contracted HIV and has thirty days to live. In his downright refusal to die, and against the establishment, he researches alternative medicine and opens a clinic in Mexico with the help of unlikely ally and transvestite Rayon (Jared […]