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The other side of the rainbow

By ALLISON HORE This week a 90-meter rainbow footpath which runs along the area of Prince Alfred Park known “Equality Green” was unveiled in Surry Hills.  But its reveal, through a photoshoot on the Lord Mayor’s personal facebook page, has raised concern among other councillors. The footpath was painted in rainbow colours in celebration of […]

Prince Alfred Park’s rainbow footpath unveiled

By ALLISON HORE A new rainbow footpath has been unveiled in Surry Hills just in time for Mardi Gras. The footpath serves as a reminder both for how far the LGBTQI+ community has come and how far it has to go. The 90-metre path runs alongside the area of Prince Alfred Park now known “Equality […]

Rainbow footpath for Surry Hills

By ALLISON HORE A pathway in Surry Hills is set to be transformed into a vibrant rainbow to commemorate the vote to legalise same-sex marriage in Australia almost three years ago. The 90-metre path will run alongside an area of Prince Alfred Park now known as “Equality Green” as a tribute to a public gathering […]

Marriage Equality post-mortem

BY JOHN MOYLE Last Wednesday Sydney’s Prince Alfred Park made a spectacular backdrop as the focal point for the announcement of the Same-Sex Marriage plebiscite. Stars Magda Szubanski, John Paul Young, Rickee-Lee, Alfie Arcuri, Peking Duk and thousands of marriage equality supporters were gathered on the bright morning not knowing what to expect. Across the […]


“I Was A Teenage Atheist” - it sounds like the title of some obscure and totally weird 60s teen flick or even a warped Christian propaganda movie. In reality it was the dilemma I faced when I was a school boy back in the 1960s. With all the baloney pitched about religious freedom during the […]

Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Music Festival for Marriage Equality

As postal ballots for the Federal Government’s marriage equality plebiscite begin to find their way into letterboxes around the country Sydney’s creative community is banding together to support the LGBTIQ community. In the wake of last weekend’s incredible show of support for the issue by the general public the Reclaim The Streets organisation will be […]

Anti-gay marriage campaigns bypass fair debate

BY GEORGIA CLARK It could be a potentially unifying moment, but the postal plebiscite on gay marriage has divided the nation, as far-right wing anti-gay marriage campaigns spark uproar. Critics argue that their campaigns transgress fair debate and risk misleading the public. With campaigning escalating amidst the High Court ruling last week upholding the validity […]

Yes and No go head to head

BY ALEC SMART A rally to promote the Yes vote for the plebiscite on marriage equality is planned in Sydney for this Sunday, 10 September. The rally comes at a time when each side is stepping up their campaigns, with increasing acrimony between various factions, amidst accusations that the No vote is underpinned by homophobia […]

Malcolm divorced from gay marriage heartland

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has not said whether he will attend this year’s Mardi Gras parade, despite right wing members of his party urging him not to go because it would be “dangerous.” A Mardi Gras spokesperson told City Hub that Mr Turnbull has attended the parade in the past, including last […]

Marriage equality is a human right

OPINION Time’s up, Kevin! Dragging your feet on all sorts of issues has probably cost you this election, and marriage equality is high on the list. The key issue of marriage equality in this election, and having a ban in place in 2013, makes Australia look like an international backwater. Western democracies have been resolving […]