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Short term rentals over-stay welcome

By Laura Neill “I thought of a way to make a few bucks…” started the email from San Francisco college student and Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia to his roommate Brian Chesky. The idea was simple: throw a few mattresses on the floor of their flat during the Design Conference, and charge $80 per head. Just […]

Daniel San

With hot pink neon screaming “wax on, wax off” and a name like Daniel San, Karate Kid style Americanised appropriation of Japanese culture is a given.

The Ivanhoe Hotel

With alcohol-fuelled violence plaguing Manly, this pub took a clever way out. It started with a total renovation by Paul Kelly, the man responsible for The Bourbon and The Oaks. The resulting airy, modern hotel has a whitewashed and gently weathered Hamptons feel, with multiple spaces to enjoy, including The Pines, a nautical level fitted out by another big name - Sibella Court.