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Baby Doll

First adapted from a much longer play by Tennessee Williams originally titled 27 Wagons Full Of Cotton, the play became a film Baby Doll, directed by Elia Kazan, starring Carroll Baker, Eli Wallach and Karl Malden. Tough shoes to fill for any director. Filled with sexual innuendo and a somewhat unsavoury relationship between a child […]

Ensemble Theatre’s 2018 Season and 60th Anniversary

The Ensemble’s 2018 season includes four world premieres from Australian writers, an adaption of an award-winning French play, four comedy classics from master playwrights and two gripping international dramas. Artistic Director Mark Kilmurry is directing five of the plays, while the other five are directed by guests John Bell, Mitchell Butel, Susanna Dowling, Nadia Tass […]

REVIEW: Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

Set in Baghdad in 2003 in the aftermath of the invasion, this is one of the earliest written plays depicting the chaos of the time. Written by Rajiv Joseph in 2009, this fits into a plethora of film and literature produced about the trauma of the Iraq war experience. The story revolves around two American […]