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Bringing home the troops: Benefits for Sydney students as international peers trickle in

By LUCINDA GARBUTT-YOUNG From mid-year, the State will welcome back 250 international students a fortnight in a bid to strengthen local growth.  Treasurer Dominic Perrottet suggested that the scheme will stimulate Sydney’s economy after COVID-19’s dispelling of international students brought the CBD’s recovery to a crawl. He believes student return is vital in recovering a […]

Starving students still waiting for NSW Govt support

By WENDY BACON On 15 May, the NSW government announced a $20 million housing and advice assistance package for international students in NSW. NSW, which has the most international students and the most expensive housing market, was the last to offer them assistance. Coming after a week of stories featuring images of hungry students queuing […]

From Little Things …

By Mark Mordue Representatives from Macquarie and Sydney universities and the Inner West Council will gather with green practitioners and other key environmental figures in Marrickville on Friday 24 May to discuss creating a greener, better city. The Rethinking the Urban Forest Conference brings together arborists, urban planners, architects, ecologists, politicians and scientists whose ideas […]

Trans Power: The call for inclusivity

BY MICHAEL HITCH “We’re here. We’re queer. We’re fabulous, don’t f*ck with us!” the crowd shouted as it proceeded down King Street. The student-led “Trans Day of Visibility” rally, held in the centre of Newtown last Sunday, was awash with pink and blue flags, six-inch high heels and tears of both joy and sorrow. The […]

Prime time outrage over education deregulation

In the federal budget announced on Tuesday night, Treasurer Joe Hockey unveiled the most sweeping changes to the higher education sector since the 1970s, including the deregulation of tertiary education fees and increases to student contributions. These reforms are what students from the Education Action Group were drawing attention to when they staged a protest […]

Students protest asylum seeker relocation

By Xiaoran Shi A group of five protestors blocked off a main road outside Villawood Detention Centre on Tuesday, April 15, temporarily obstructing traffic and stopping two buses transporting 23 asylum seekers to facilities in the Northern Territory. The direct action, organised autonomously by a group of students from the University of Sydney, UNSW and […]


As one of the loneliest instruments in the music world, the viola is rarely given time to shine its mellow sound. However as we get to the business end of the year, the Balmain Sinfonia will be shining a light on professional violist Charlotte Fetherston and violinist Alastair Duff-Forbes as the talented soloists for their […]