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REVIEW: Macbeth

Factory Space Theatre has brought William Shakespeare’s Macbeth back to the stage, presenting an interesting adaptation to captivate audiences. A courageous Scottish general named Macbeth is told his future by three sibylline creatures; that one day he will become the King of Scotland. Influenced by his wife, a powerful woman with blood on her hands […]

Review: Montague Basement’s Macbeth

A hag lies face down in a puddle of blood, bleeding from a messy wound, blood splattering her garment and smeared on the floor. The stark white plastic sheeting lining the walls comes in handy when wine is tossed over the shoulder from the banquet table. Montague Basement’s production of Macbeth will bring out the […]


The classic tale of ambition, betrayal and brutality, Shakespeare’s Macbeth has been imagined onstage many times before. However, director Kip Williams of Sydney Theatre Company’s new adaptation has a keen determination to set it apart from the rest. In a complete reversal of all theatre norms, the audience will sit on the stage itself while […]


From its first performance in 1606, Macbeth has been plagued by misfortune. Supposedly a curse of the dark arts punishing Shakespeare for reproducing verbatim certain deathly incantations, actors previously daring to take the stage have suffered burns, stabs, falls, fevers, riots, heart attacks, suicides and mysterious deaths. The Sydney Theatre Company’s latest staging Vs Macbeth […]