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Edmond Thommen – BLENDEDnudes #5

The human form and the female form, in particular, have long been a staple of artistic expression. This month local artist Edmond Thommen’s works which explore the female figure in an incredibly deep, intricate and layered manner will be on display at the M2 Gallery. Thommen describes himself first, and foremost, as a photographic artist […]

Recent Paintings By David Henderson

The core of this exhibition will be made up of around 30 recent paintings, drawings and watercolours by David Henderson. This exhibition will take guest on a journey through some of the most influential locations in Henderson’s life and artistic career. Some of the highlights include plein air views of Venice and Rome, cities in […]

Tela Umana (Human Canvas)

Lori Cicchini and Edmond Thommen present a contemporary visual exploration of the female human form by two independent photographic artists, both uniquely designing their visions by combining the elements of raw beauty in nature from capture to print. Lori Cicchini is an editorial fashion, beauty and fine art photographer who’s best work has been described […]

Harrison Earl – Black Rainbow

Harrison Earl is an artist with a surrealist approach to art, conjuring up images from his imagination with the idea that art can be something from a dream and comes from the depths of the subconscious. Harrison’s influences come from his teenage pastimes of reading comic books, watching anime films and listening to 90s alternative […]

Meghan Byrne – Serotiny

“When you see that a piece of coral is a leaf, is a tree, is your circulatory system and a river course you recognise the dendritic structures that we share and define us. My images aim to show the physical, visceral and corporeal structures that we share so we have a better understanding of who […]

Nic Nyx – Black White Drips & Trips

In the creative industry it’s all about "thinking outside the box", or so we’ve been told anyway. Local artist Nic Nyx may just be pushing innovative boundaries by staying inside it at her current exhibition, Black White Drips & Trips, for 36 hours. Beginning Friday February 19 at midday and ending Saturday at midnight, Nyx […]


It’s no easy task getting your name out there when you’re an emerging artist, from the cost of galleries to the constant constructive criticism you’ll no doubt receive along the way. Refreshing then, to know that things just might become a little easier with [yellow tail] Presents Creatives Uncovered – a four day creative extravaganza […]