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Arts & Animal Activism

By Rita Bratovich. Art is an inherent and integral part of a community. It enriches it. It helps build solidarity by allowing people to contribute and express themselves. It facilitates communication and enhances celebration. The animal rights movement began as a protest and has evolved into a sub-culture, enhanced by the creativity of its passionate […]

Lynda’s fight for animal rights

Lynda Stoner can remember the exact moment that led her to become one of Australia’s leading animal rights activists. "It was nearly 40 years ago and I was visiting my parents’ place in South Australia. The TV was showing footage of harp seal pups being battered and skinned alive. I just couldn’t get it out […]

Fur flies over Sydney fashion festival

Animal rights activists have targeted the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney over its refusal to ban fur. In a protest last Wednesday, three female members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) stripped to their underwear ahead of the festival’s launch at Town Hall, holding a strategically placed banner across their breasts. "Compassion is […]