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New Balmain restaurant striving to tailor pizzas to the ‘people of this suburb’

By SEJA AL ZAIDI An innovative, eco-friendly pizza joint has opened in Balmain, founded by one of Sydney’s premier pizza chefs and promising a unique menu that honours local and Indigenous Australian ingredients. The restaurant called Tipo "00" Balmain will function mainly as a takeaway option, with a few alfresco tables outside giving diners a […]

LP’s Quality Meats

If there’s a better BBQ Beef Short Rib ($44) in Sydney, I don’t know where to find it. Luke Powell coats his fat, juicy ribs in little more than salt and pepper, and sticks 'em into the wood-fire smoker for nigh on sixteen hours. Yep, they go in at 11pm and come out just in time for dinner the next evening.